Airport Perimeter

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The Perimeter Walkway is approximately a 5.75km loop around the spectacular Nelson Airport.

The new terminal was completed in 2018 and was designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, whilst the beauty of the region is reflected in the architectural design. The sloping roof is an ode to the stunning mountainous landscapes of Nelson Tasman and is the perfect backdrop to the rest of the scenery you’ll see along the perimeter, including views of Tasman Bay, the Western Ranges and the quaint seaside village of Monaco.

Aircraft enthusiasts will revel in the wonderful world of aviation, as they watch planes arrive and depart from the runway, whilst the ebb and flow of the tide around the coastline delights walkers, joggers and runners as they follow the path of the runway and golf course.

How to get there: The walkway starts at the carpark on Trent Drive, just before you go through the airport barriers. This is also the starting point for Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.


Airport Perimeter

Trent Drive
Nelson Airport
7011 Nelson

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