Maungatapu Circuit

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The Maungatapu Circuit begins at the Maitai Dam, near the head of the Maitai Valley. Traversing the mineral belt landscape of the Bryant Range, the circuit takes approximately 6-7 hours to complete and reaches heights of approximately 1014m.

You’ll begin with a steep climb up a forestry road to the Maungatapu Saddle, through low-lying scrub to the Rush Pool. The Rush Pool was originally created by Māori for quarrying argillite in the 16th century.

Connecting back with the Bryant Range, the track then navigates the steep ridgeline to Dew Lakes. The Dew Lakes are beautifully shallow tarns carved out into the landscape, surrounded by low-growing scrub and moss. Clearings in the mineral belt nearby offer spectacular views over the bay and surrounding mountains, before climbing over the Maungatapu Summit and descending back through the Maungatapu Saddle.

Photo credits: Jenelle Strickland.


Maungatapu Circuit

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