Delicious cheeses, traditional cider made from real cider apples, aromatic, crisp and resonant wines…The Moutere provides abundant proof that Nelson Tasman is about so much more than golden sand beaches.

Travel inland to the Moutere and you will find an undulating landscape that’s rich with award-winning wineries and artisan producers. The Moutere Hills were formed from the weathered gravels of an ancient river system and are renowned for producing aromatic and flavoursome wines. 

The small villages of Upper and Lower Moutere offer stunning views of the area and Upper Moutere is home to the oldest New Zealand pub still operating in its original building, The Moutere Inn. The Inn, which was established in 1850, showcases a range of locally-made craft beers, wines and ciders, and features an exciting live music calendar.

The Moutere Hills are something of a magnet for artists and artisans. You can easily spend a day or two just visiting the galleries and workshops of the many sculptors, ceramic artists, woodworkers and artisan food producers who have made their home in this beautiful part of our region, and leave feeling inspired by their passion for all things creative.

The places that make up the Nelson Tasman region are each remarkable in their own right, and if you have the time to explore, you'll discover a wealth of extraordinary experiences right at your fingertips.

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