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Our Structure

The Nelson Regional Development Agency is a Council-Controlled Organisation, established on 1 July 2016 and is 100% owned by the Nelson City Council (NCC), who is also our core funding provider. Tasman District Council (TDC) also contributes funding through an agreement of expectations and funding for economic development services with the NCC.

We are governed by a highly-competent, private sector-focused board and our directors are appointed by NCC.

Our activity as an organisation has a combined Nelson Tasman regional focus and is guided by the expectations and performance measures set out in our Statement of Intent (SOI) which is revised annually. 

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Our Purpose

The Nelson Regional Development Agency exists to make a difference to the future prosperity of the Nelson Tasman region through positioning, connecting and promoting the region.

We do this by partnering with the public and private sectors in the attraction and retention of talent, visitors and investors who add value to the identity of the extraordinary Nelson Tasman region.

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What We Do

The five pillars of the Nelson Tasman Regional Identity provide the strategic framework for everything we do. 

We have three main areas of activity:

  • Positioning the Nelson Tasman region as a place where talent and investment wants to be.
  • Connecting our clever people and companies with opportunities to grow and innovate.
  • Promoting the destination as a place of choice for higher-value visitors who visit from March to November.

These three areas of focus are built on a strong platform of public and private sector partnerships to build stakeholder engagement, achieve alignment, and drive our role in strategy execution.  

Nelson Tasman Extraordinary Strip 02 2