From September through to November, temperatures are warming up and the days are getting longer, but there are less queues, with beaches still relatively quiet before all the summer holidaymakers descend.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the freshness of the season all around you as the forests and fields come alive with birdsong and greenery. Everything just feels renewed. Seal pups are frolicking around in the water, new born lambs are bounding around the fields, fresh buds are awakening, and the surrounding landscapes adopt an entirely new colour palette. The regional markets serve up fresh, seasonal produce and the start of the alfresco dining season sees locals and visitors enjoying the new flavours on the menu.

It’s a wonderful time of year for cycling, walking and enjoying the great outdoors amongst our stunning natural landscapes. White water rafting and waterfall adventures are recommended as winter thaws and the water levels become excitingly high, whilst spectacularly warm days see t-shirts, shorts, and spontaneous swims in the ocean after the days adventures.

What's more, the famous Nelson Arts Festival returns as one of the most cherished markers of the spring season, and many locals treat our annual Masked Parade as the welcome event for the summer to come. There’s plenty to do around Nelson Tasman, whether you’re a sports fan, a cider aficionado, whether you want to see an amazing array of blossoms at our Cherry Blossom Festival or whether you just want to reconnect with nature and enjoy a walk amongst our native forest.

Spring in Nelson Tasman NZ

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Even in Spring, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are a must. The weather is warming up, but the heat of summer hasn't quite hit, and temperatures can still be slightly unpredictable. T-shirts and shorts tend to be fine during the day, but some warmer clothes such as long sleeve tops, trousers and a lightweight jacket allow you to add layers if you need to.