The Gorge NZ

  • Nelson
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Open every weekend and most Fridays for e shuttling, E-biking and XC riding. Great accommodation options are also available. The Gorge is home to over 70km of hand-built mountain bike trails 70% of the trails are up to Grade 4, running through a lush native beech forest environment and exotic forest from a maximum elevation of 1200m. Think epic gravity fuelled back country riding, mixed with bike park convenience. This Park is made by mountain bikers for mountain bikers! It does not get any better than this!

Mountain biking does not get muchbetter than The Gorge. Run by the Nelson Mountain bike club, the Gorge offer the best hand-built single track in the world? - and this is not an exaggeration! You have 70km of trails from Grade 3-6 in NZ native forest with small patches of exotic pine plantations.


The Gorge NZ

Wairoa Gorge Road
7091 Nelson

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