Washbourn Gardens

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Washbourn Gardens is just a short stroll from Richmond’s main street but is so serene that you’d easily think it were miles away. Curtained by pine and oak trees, the gardens are the perfect spot for a lunchtime picnic, a morning stroll or for relaxing with a book.

An extraordinary rose garden blossoms beautifully, whilst the Begonia House blazes in a mass of vibrant colours. Housing over 200 potted begonias and hanging baskets, visitors will revel in the beauty of this fragrant floral setting. Nearby, a thriving fuschia house and fernery sits proudly amongst the stunning grounds, whilst ducks swim playfully in the pond awaiting a sprinkling of breadcrumbs on the water’s surface.

Photo credit: Kimberly John.


Washbourn Gardens

Oxford Street
7020 Nelson

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