Saxton Velodrome

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The Saxton Velodrome is an exciting new riding facility in the Saxton Field Sports Complex. The Velodrome is open to riders of all ages and abilities and is designed for use by both recreational and elite cyclists.

The open-air Velodrome houses a learn-to-ride area, a purpose-built 333km round embanked track, and an inner warm-up track. The learn-to-ride area is suitable for children and beginner cyclists, and is complete with road signs, intersections and a roundabout.

The track is open 24/7 to the public, except in instances where it has been booked in advance. These bookings are detailed on a notice board at the velodrome.

How to get there: The Velodrome is accessible via the Saxton Field Sport Complex in Stoke.

Photo credits: Tasman District Council


Saxton Velodrome

Main Road Stoke
7020 Nelson

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