The team at the Nelson Regional Development Agency invite you to join us on the journey to attract and retain talent, visitors and investment to the extraordinary Nelson Tasman region. Partnering with the public and private sectors, we exist to enhance the sustainable economic vitality of the region for now and into the future.

There are plenty of opportunities for businesses and individuals to get involved. So whether you’re looking to take your idea or project to the next level, put your tourism business in front of the right customers, or become part of a collaborative network of businesses, we can help you.

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We are a council-controlled organisation owned by the Nelson City Council, who is also our core funding provider. Tasman District Council also contributes funding through an agreement of expectations and funding for economic development services with the Nelson City Council.

The Bowater Motor Group supports our commitment to facilitating economic development in the region and sponsors vehicles for some of our management team. They are also committed supporters of the community and partner with a wide range of groups and organisations to enable our region to thrive and succeed, from arts and sports through to environmental projects and civic programmes.

The Nelson Regional Development Agency collaborates with a range of public and private sector partners and stakeholders to position, promote and connect the region with talent, visitors and investment.

The Visitor Sector Promotion Programme can help you take your business to the next level, get in front of the right customers, maximise marketing opportunities and access our domestic and global tourism network.

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