Labyrinth Rocks Park

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Founded by an English geologist, Labyrinth Rocks Park is a real-life interpretation of Jurassic Park crossed with a fairytale.

Maze-like pathways weave through limestone outcrops and lush native bush, fascinating explorers of all ages with the faces and characters that have naturally formed on the walls. Small figurines are veiled by fallen leaves and rocky ledges, whilst a self-guided scavenger hunt to discover the kissing pigs, witches couldrons and stegosaurus is somewhat of an enthralling experience.

Whether you choose to stay for 15 minutes, an hour or most of the day, the short walk through the labyrinth offers delightful surprises at every turn, and is suitable for those of all ages.

How to get there: You can access Labyrinth Rocks Park at the end of Scott Road in Takaka.


Labyrinth Rocks Park

Scott Road
7183 Takaka

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