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The Riuwaka Resurgence (Te Puna o Riuwaka) is recognised as wahi tapu (a sacred place) by the people of Te Ātiawa and Ngāti Rārua, and the cultural significance of this place is apparent as you walk through a carved waharoa (entranceway) at the beginning of the track or read the interpretation panels along the way.

Enveloped by the fronds and palms that line the valley floor, a short stroll along the banks of the Riuwaka River offers a truly tranquil and mesmerising experience amongst nature. The 10-minute walk to the crystal pool takes you on a journey through a mossy wonderland, arriving at the waters edge where you can appreciate the cool, calm and crystal-clear pools up close.

Emerging from the depths of the Takaka Hill, the resurgence offers just a small glimpse into the beauty of natural phenomena and the way in which landscapes are shaped over time. A map mounted near the entrance of the walk shows how five divers back in 1963 discovered the subterranean source of the Riuwaka river, acknowledging the network of passages and cracks that have formed in the Takaka Hill over many, many years.

How to get there: The walkway to the resurgence is found at the end of Riwaka Valley Road, a turn off to the left as you begin to ascend the Takaka Hill.

Photo credit: www.nelsontasman.nz.


Riuwaka Resurgence

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