Sunrise Ridge Circuit

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A popular circuit of trails incorporates Black Diamond Ridge, Sunrise Ridge and Peaking Ridge. Whilst these tracks are close to the city centre, you will be surrounded by thick bush and uneven terrain that will make you feel like you’re in the depths of the wilderness.

From Tangatree Saddle, riders can take the Fringed Hill Road (technical grade easy) up to Black Diamond Ridge, before heading onto Sunrise Ridge and Peaking Ridge. This section of the trail is suitable for those with grade 4-5 technical experience, as steep ascents and a network of tree roots and rocky outcrops provide challenging terrain for riders.

How to get there: The route via Fringed Hill to Black Diamond Ridge can be accessed from the Brook or Maitai Valley's.


Sunrise Ridge Circuit

Maitai Valley Road
7010 Maitai

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