Rameka Track

  • Takaka Hill
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The Rameka Track is located in the Canaan Downs Scenic Reserve on the Takaka Hill, and heads down into the Takaka township.

A grade 3+ trail, riders will navigate rocky ridges, river crossings and steep downhill descents as they explore middle earth scenery. That’s right, the track begins in the limestone landscape made famous by Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movies, and is a huge highlight for visitors to the area.

Ground thick with tree roots, shallow streams and limestone outcrops provide a glimpse into the diverse terrain, whilst spectacular views over Takaka are revealed as the trail exits the boundary of the National Park. The classic downhill single-track originally built in the 1850’s can be experienced as a loop, continuing south on East Takaka Road and back up Takaka Hill, or one-way with a shuttle transfer at the other end.

How to get there: The track can be accessed at the end of Canaan Road, located near the top of the Takaka Hill.


Rameka Track

Canaan Road
7110 Takaka Hill

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