Richmond Hills Trails (Dellside Reserve)

  • Nelson
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The Richmond Hills are home to a network of grade 3+ trails, from technical tracks with jumps and obstacles to some slightly more leisurely runs.

A steady climb up to the Big Skid site offers spectacular views over Tasman Bay, and at the top you can choose from many descending trails including Bermed Monster, Kamikaze and Slippery Rail. The tracks themselves can be quite slippery in the rain, so it is not recommended to ride in the Richmond Hills under wet conditions.

How to get there: The trails are accessed from Easeby Park in the Dellside Reserve, just off Marlborough Crescent in Richmond. Cross the bridge and follow the grass to the 4WD road until you see the signposts.


Richmond Hills Trails (Dellside Reserve)

Marlborough Crescent
7020 Nelson

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