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Whether you’re beginning your journey on Tasman’s Great Taste Trail or just wanting to get from A to B, there’s every opportunity to indulge in a little taste of local history along the Railway Reserve.

Following the historic railway that once connected Nelson City with Glenhope, the Railway Reserve is an off-road pathway stretching from the city through to Stoke. The Nelson-Glenhope railway was in operation for 79 years, between 1876 and 1955.

The plan of linking Nelson to the main trunk railway line and the rest of the South Island was never realised, and the line became known as the ‘railway to nowhere’. But the ‘railway to nowhere’ now links Nelson City with other urban townships, connecting right through to Richmond via the Whakatu Coastal Pathway before joining up with further sections of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.

The Railway Reserve is hugely popular with walkers and cyclists, navigating the over and underpasses and showcasing stunning views of Tasman Bay and the Western Ranges.

How to get there: The Railway Reserve begins at St Vincent Street in Victory Square (or at Orphanage Stream if you’re coming from the other direction). The pathway connects with the Whakatu Coastal Pathway, Poorman Stream, Orchard Stream and Orphanage Stream, offering plenty of access/exit routes along the way.

Photo credit: Nelson City Council.


Railway Reserve

Saint Vincent Street
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