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Glenduan is often referred to as ‘The Glen’ by locals and is a rocky pebble beach connecting the northern end of the Boulder Bank with Mackay Bluff down the coast toward Cable Bay.

The Glen is best known as the regions premium surf spot, with a beach break that favours right-handers and is best around mid-tide. The reef that lines the coast draws surfers to Schnapper Point, creating fast and hollow waves with steep drops and lengthy rides. But it’s not just surfers who love it here – the Horoirangi Marine Reserve stretches between Cable Bay and The Glen, offering a spectacular snorkelling and diving experience. The boulder reefs thrive with marine line, including starfish, crustaceans, crayfish, blue cod, terakihi and snapper, with some of the best snorkelling found near Ataata Point.

For those that prefer to stay dry, The Glen is also the starting point for the beautiful coastal walk connecting the area with Cable Bay. A 3.5 hour walk across undulating farmland and lush native forest stretches right along the picturesque coastline to the Cable Bay inlet. On the other side of the bay, you can take a stroll along the historic Boulder Bank, a natural (and very rare) 13km spit of boulders that have formed over 10,000 years.

Note: It is illegal to disturb, remove, harm or kill marine life in the Horoirangi Marine Reserve.

How to get there: Head north from Nelson along SH6, turning left onto The Glen road before reaching the Gentle Annie Saddle.

Photo credit: Jenelle Strickland.



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