Whispering Falls

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Whispering Falls is Richmond’s very own hidden gem, set in the Mount Richmond Forest Park. A 2-hour easy return walk will take you through native podocarp forest, across wooden swing bridges and along the banks of the Hackett River.

The charm and beauty that surrounds you is just a small glimpse into what awaits, as you eventually reach a series of waterfalls that resemble a light rain shower. Trickling water drops from great heights, lightly pattering on the limestone rocks below, curtaining you in a halo of spray as you gaze up at the falls. The best time to visit is after some light rain, as during summer the falls can become quite dry.

Note: there is a river crossing along the track where a bridge was previously washed out. This is just before you reach the falls, so it is not recommended to visit after heavy bouts of rain.

How to get there: The track to the falls begins at the Hackett Carpark, approximately 11km up the Aniseed Valley Road in Hope.

Photo credits: Giselle Purcelle.


Whispering Falls

Aniseed Valley Road
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