Maruia Falls

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The Maruia Falls are the result of a devastating earthquake in the Murchison township in 1929. A landslide in the Maruia Valley diverted the course of the Maruia River, forcing it to cut a new channel over an old riverbank.

The majestic 10 metre waterfall can be heard before it is seen, as it plummets into the deep pools below. A rocky open riverbed offers unparalleled views of this majestic landscape, close enough to curtain you with droplets of water but distant enough to appreciate it in all its glory. Please do not swim or try to get closer to the falls.

How to get there: A signposted carpark off the Shenandoah Highway on the way to Murchison is where you can begin the short 5-minute walk down to the base of the falls.

Photo credits: (1) Laura Honey, (2) Department of Conservation.


Maruia Falls

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