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The Onekaka Wharf is not actually a wharf anymore, but rather remnants of days gone by. Once a major industrial area, the Onekaka Ironworks was originally formed in the 1920’s.

The regions rich iron ore resources were turned into pig-iron and iron pipes, then exported to overseas markets. The Great Depression of the early 1930’s sent the economy into a tailspin, and rising overseas competition led to the eventual closure of the Ironworks operation. To this day, the ruins of the old wharf and tramline can be found in Onekaka and is the last remaining evidence of the companies existence.

How to get there: Onekaka is a rural town located between Takaka and Collingwood in Golden Bay. The Wharf can be found at the end of Washbourn Road near The Mussel Inn.

Photo credit: Amber Winter.


Onekaka Wharf

Washbourn Road
7182 Onekaka

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