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The Maitai River Walkway is also an urban cycling route, running adjacent to the river that weaves through Nelson City.

The route is home to spectacular sculptures and murals, shady picnic spots, swimming holes and riverside cafes, offering plenty of opportunity to park up for a moment and enjoy the scenery.

Beginning at the river mouth near the Trafalgar Centre, riders have the option to follow the riverbank route for a short while or continue all the way to the Maitai Valley Campground (approx 8km). The riverside trail is easy and suitable for people of all ages and abilities, but does transition into undulating narrow terrain once you pass Nile Street. For keen riders looking for a bit of mountain-biking adventure, there is also the option to loop up with the Tantragee Saddle route and complete the circuit round to Brook Valley.

How to get there: You can access the walkway from many locations along the river, however the most common are Rutherford Park (by the Trafalgar Centre), Millers Acre carpark or Riverside Pool.

Photo credits: (1-2) Grant Stirling, (3-4)


Maitai River

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