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The Tonga Arches have become somewhat of a Nelson Tasman icon, and it’s easy to see why.

The golden sands of the Abel Tasman National Park are created as a result of the erosion of granite along the coastline, but it’s not just the golden beaches that capture the attention (and hearts) of those who get to experience it.

Over the years, the ocean has eroded the granite rockscape in Tonga Bay, leaving behind a collection of beautiful archways that can be walked through at low tide. At high tide, many kayaking trips also get to enjoy the experience of paddling through the coastal arch to the other side.

How to get there: The Tonga Arches are located in the Abel Tasman National Park, near the Tonga Quarry headland. For the most memorable experience, we’d recommend visiting on a kayaking trip that also explores the Tonga Island Marine Reserve.

Photo credits: (1) Abel Tasman Eco Tours, (2) R&R Kayaks.


Tonga Arches

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