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A resurgence is created when a river temporarily goes underground, before emerging again through a cliff face (often at very cold temperatures). The Riuwaka Resurgence emerges from the depths of the Takaka Hill in the Kahurangi National Park and is fed by the limestone passages and marble cracks that have formed within the cave over the years.

A map mounted near the entrance shows the subterranean source of the river following a diving trip by five Nelson men back in 1963, and a network of dry caving routes also exist inside the cavern.

Meandering alongside the Riuwaka River, the Resurgence is known as Te Puna o Riuwaka to the people of Te Ātiawa and Ngāti Rārua. Recognised as wahi tapu (a sacred place), the waters of Te Puna o Riuwaka were considered by local tribes to have healing properties. A carved waharoa (entranceway) illustrates the cultural significance of the area, welcoming visitors to respectfully experience the beauty of the clear turquoise waters and lush native forest.

A 10 minute walk to the crystal pool will take you on a journey through a mossy wonderland, the occasional ray of sunlight glistening through the forest canopy to illuminate the path in front of you. Once you arrive at the crystal pool, some steps take you down to the waters edge, so you can see the calm, clear waters up close.

How to get there: The walkway to the resurgence is found at the end of Riwaka Valley Road, a turn off to the left as you begin to ascend the Takaka Hill.

Photo credit: www.nelsontasman.nz


Riuwaka Resurgence

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