Wharariki Beach

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A short 20-minute stroll through undulating farmland, manuka groves and magnificent coastal forest will take you to the wild and wonderful Wharariki Beach.

With dramatic landscapes that easily rival the recognised wonders of the world, a scattering of archways, caves and sand dunes line the grandiose beach just north of Collingwood in Golden Bay. Exposed to the elements at the top of the South Island, these arches and caves have been carved out by the sea over many, many years, forming ruggedly beautiful landmarks that people travel the world over to see.

An outdoor playground like no other, the wide-open spaces of Wharariki Beach serve as a reminder of just how extraordinary mother nature can be. The archway islands are undoubtedly the most photographed landmarks in the Nelson Tasman region, regularly featuring on Instagram feeds and Windows screensavers, and it’s easy to see why!

Visitors to the beach are often delightfully surprised to discover the resident seal colony that call the beach home. Twirling playfully around the rockpools and bounding across the sand, the seal pups provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages. But this isn’t the only wildlife experience that can be had at Wharariki – you can explore the hidden gems of Wharariki on horseback, cantering across the sand and joining a guided tour in the lush green hills of the Puponga Farm Park.

Photo credits: (1-2) Cape Farewell Horse Treks, (3-6) www.nelsontasman.nz.


Wharariki Beach

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