Wharariki Beach

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Wharariki Beach is undoubtedly one of the most photographed beaches in the Nelson Tasman region, and people the world over admire the dramatic Golden Bay landscapes that emblazon their Windows 10 screensavers.

A scattering of caves, rocks and arches adorn the coast of Wharariki, shaped entirely by the elements of the wild, west coast. A short walk through coastal forest and rolling pastures reveals a beach so large you could explore it for days.

Windswept sand dunes and sculpted cliffs frame the two archway islands that dominate the seascape, whilst secluded coves and tranquil rockpools are discoverable at every turn. The resident seal colony can often be seen bounding along the beach, whilst coastal birds dive playfully through the peppercress bushes that line the sand dunes.

The scenery at Wharariki Beach easily rivals the recognised wonders of the world, and it is easy to while away a day exploring this wondrous coastal playground.

Note: the weather at Wharariki is wild, and swimming is prohibited.

Photo credits: (1-3) Cape Farewell Horse Treks, (4-7) www.nelsontasman.nz, (8-9) Zatori.


Wharariki Beach

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