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Otherwise known as the ‘People’s Beach’, the pristine paradise of Awaroa holds a special place in the hearts of many – so special in fact that New Zealanders actually purchased the beach in an ambitious crowd-funding campaign.

Located in the depths of the Abel Tasman National Park, Awaroa Beach is relatively remote yet undeniably alluring. Only those walking the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, exploring the coastline by boat or taking a scenic helicopter ride are able to experience Awaroa in all of its scenic splendour.

An overnight stay at a beachfront lodge, DOC hut or campsite is perfect for those looking to explore the area a little more, and being the only place along the Abel Tasman Coast Track with a pizzeria and restaurant, many hikers choose to indulge in delicious local cuisine and artisanal flavours before continuing on their journey.

A tidal estuary is located at the northern end of Awaroa Beach, and it’s truly mesmerising to watch the tide as it gently recedes, revealing a maze of golden sand banks. Walkers along the coastal track are often seen relaxing near the shore, celebrating the departing tide by rolling up their trousers and making their way across to the other side. [Note: the tidal estuary can only be crossed 2 hours either side of low tide].

The beach is now managed by the Department of Conservation and was officially adopted into the Abel Tasman National Park in 2016 after many years of private ownership.

Photo credits: (1) Abel Tasman Aqua Taxi, (2) Awaroa Lodge, (3-4) Nelson Tasman Air, (5) Abel Tasman Aqua Taxi, (6) Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle.


Awaroa Beach

Awaroa Beach
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