Abel Tasman Tree Collective

Abel Tasman Tree Collective

Creating a growing legacy – it’s something that you can be a part of when you visit Nelson Tasman.

“Everyone that I have ever met in the tourism industry is passionate about conservation,” says Abel Tasman Tree Collective manager David Bonham-Carter. “The belief that we can and must do better and that we can truly make the world a better place for us and future generations if we work together, seems to be universal in New Zealand. What we aim to provide is an avenue for people to get involved and contribute in a meaningful way.”

The Abel Tasman Tree Collective enables visitors to our region and other groups and businesses the opportunity to offset and reduce their carbon footprint by donating funds towards the planting of native trees and supporting the ecological restoration of the Abel Tasman National Park and Tasman Bay environment. By bringing an ease of accessibility to conservation in the Nelson Tasman region they offer an attainable way for any person or organisation to contribute and make a real impact.

“The trees we plant are carefully eco-sourced and planted in environmentally sensitive areas, usually affected by slips. At our last planting, we attracted more than 100 people to come and connect with the whenua (land), and this action not only helped to heal the cyclone damaged properties in Marahau, but also connected the community. It was 100 percent funded by the region’s visitors and tourism operators. By being part of this story, visitors feel that they have contributed to the preservation of the land and thus have a connection to this special place.” 

Until now, there have been few avenues for the visitors to the Park to contribute directly to the conservation of this amazing place that they have come to enjoy. “Our mission is to bring people together with a clear vision and goal to work collaboratively to protect and rehabilitate the ecosystem,” says David. “There is room for everyone within that scope, no contribution is too big or too small. Whether you have a shovel and know how to use it or run a multinational and are looking to do some good. If you want to help we have a seat for you at the table.”

In the long term the Abel Tasman Tree Collective is keen to get the next generation of Park visitors actively involved in conservation and education by equipping them with the tools to take their ideas on conservation and build on the momentum that has already been established. 

If you have enjoyed your visit to our beautiful region and wish to fund the planting of a tree or trees, please visit tasmanbayguardians.org.nz