Tourism New Zealand new global campaign entices the curious to explore the Nelson region

Tourism New Zealand new global campaign entices the curious to explore the Nelson region

Written by Chelsea Cormack-Wright | Tourism New Zealand

Posted on Wednesday 17 August 2022

Wellington, New Zealand | Tourism New Zealand taken a bold and creative approach to destination advertising with the launch of its first global campaign in two years.

“If You Seek” launched today in core visitor markets, takes a different approach to destination marketing by teasing audiences with snippets on what is on offer and inviting the curious, those who will take the time to seek more from their visit.

A suite of short films make up the core of the activity, featuring snippets and hints of destinations and activities across the country, including Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.

The film speaks to the heart of the campaign, it shows a couple biking through Spooners Tunnel towards all the wonders that the Nelson Tasman region has to offer, beyond the tunnel. But you’ll have to visit to find them.

“Nelson Tasman is thrilled to showcase part of our environmentally friendly offering in the If You Seek campaign” says Tracee Neilson, Visitor Destination Manager at Nelson Regional Development Agency.

“We’ve worked hard over the last two years to remind visitors of many reasons to come and explore more, and care more. Our stunning natural landscapes and our welcoming locals ensure the Top of the South is definitely a region to seek out and explore more deeply,” says Tracee.

“There is intense competition as destinations ramp up campaigns to capture the imaginations of travellers. Because of our size and location New Zealand will have to work hard to encourage visitation post-covid with international visitor numbers taking years to build up and Kiwis now having the option of travelling overseas,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive René de Monchy.

“The work includes sneak-peeks of some well-known destinations as well as places and experiences that aren’t as recognisable in our key markets. We wanted to tap into the curiosity of our target high–quality traveller, who we know are adventurous and keen to dig beneath the surface of the places they visit whether on the beaten path or not,” he says.

“Tourism New Zealand uses a range of insights to create compelling campaign work to reach high-quality visitors. These are visitors who we think will explore more deeply, spend more and ultimately contribute to New Zealand’s tourism sector in ways beyond the economic benefit. They are travellers who want to engage with our culture, society and also interact with our environment in a respectful way. Our research shows that visitors who see our work spend more and travel more widely around New Zealand.”

The campaign also includes trade content and activity to engage and educate travel sellers, who are hungry to upskill on New Zealand and are an important part of Tourism New Zealand’s work to attract quality visitors.

Locally, the campaign has also been released in Aotearoa New Zealand, letting New Zealanders know there’s More to Seek on their travels.

“With this campaign we wanted to inspire Kiwis to go beyond their usual getaway – we know there are natural born seekers out there ready to explore deeper,” says Rene.

TNZ research shows that around two thirds of New Zealanders intend to take a domestic holiday in the coming year, and 42% are motivated to visit a place they haven’t before on their upcoming travels.