PLAY Nelson Tasman – the new and improved way for locals to explore their back yard

PLAY Nelson Tasman – the new and improved way for locals to explore their back yard

Written by Charlotte Lang

Posted on Tuesday 28 June 2022

Following the success of the Adventure Challenge and the Summer Adventure Challenge in 2020 and 2021, respectively, Nelson Regional Development Agency (Nelson Tasman NZ) have created two new and exciting games with the launch of a new platform PLAY Nelson Tasman.

The aim of PLAY Nelson Tasman is to inspire locals to get out and about (again), continue to support some of our hard-hit businesses in the hospitality, retail and tourism industries and allow Nelson Tasman NZ the opportunity to activate the platform at certain times of the year and continue to engage with locals and visitors through the launch of seasonally themed games.

The two new games, the Ultimate Adventure and the Winter Holiday Challenge include some of the regions’ best kept secrets and focus on encouraging players to explore new places, try new things and discover the regions’ hidden gems – as well as re-visit some old favourites.

“Due to the popularity of the previous challenges, our team have reinvigorated the idea, turning the region into the biggest game yet and solidifying PLAY Nelson Tasman as an ongoing platform to continue to reward locals for supporting our local businesses” says Fiona Wilson, CE of Nelson Regional Development Agency (Nelson Tasman NZ). “We have had great support from the businesses we’ve engaged with so far and we are looking forward to seeing what our locals get up to over Winter through these two new games and to continue to use this platform to support busineses in the region”.

This time around there are over 150 challenges to complete in across the two games, with something for all explorers: from rafting in Murchison, to going for a mid-winter swim at a local beach.

The three-week Winter Holiday Challenge will inspire families in the region with ideas to get the kids out of the house during the school holidays and compete in fun Winter themed challenges that will require plenty of creativity and regional roaming.

The never-ending Ultimate Adventure asks competitors to check off some of the best experiences in the region at this time of year and will live on permanently for anyone who wants ideas of what to do in the region (and where to take their visitors), with new challenges added, and prizes also renewed at various times throughout the year.

Everyone who participates in PLAY Nelson Tasman is eligible to win one of the many incredible prizes from the over $11,000 prize pool (the biggest prize pool yet!), including four main prize packages.

To ensure that as many local businesses are represented in the challenges and/or are included in the prize pool, Nelson Tasman NZ have worked closely with retail associations across the region including Uniquely Nelson, Richmond Unlimited and Golden Bay Promotions Association.

Four main prize packages have been curated in collaboration and are specific to chosen areas in the region, to demonstrate how much is on offer throughout Nelson Tasman; and to allow our locals to experience what it’s like to be a tourist in their backyard.

Simon Duffy of Uniquely Nelson says, “Uniquely Nelson is fully behind this significant activation, PLAY Nelson Tasman. It supports Nelson city centre, bringing people into the city to visit our many fabulous retail and hospitality businesses, especially over our winter months.”

Sheena Murtagh of Richmond Unlimited says, “We’re really excited about this latest locals campaign. With winter traditionally being a slower time of year and of course coming off the back of a tough couple of years in the business environment, we’re hoping this campaign will help to showcase Richmond in a fun and engaging way to locals as well as support local businesses.”

Marg Braggins, Chair of Golden Bay Promotions Association says “We are really excited by PLAY Nelson Tasman and the potential for this platform. We look forward to working closely with Nelson Tasman NZ to ensure Golden Bay is seen as a key destination in our region”.

Over 100 businesses have been included in the campaign, with exposure to many more through the range of activities suggested such as browsing the markets, attending an event, taking a scenic tour, visiting boutique shops, eating out and making a picnic with local products etc. There is even a challenge to see the natural flames that burn eternally on the forest floor in Murchison!

Both games will go live at midday on Wednesday 6 July; the Ultimate Challenge (with over 100 challenges) will run as a competition for 6-weeks but the game will continue to live on past the campaign period. The Winter Holiday Challenge (with over 40 winter themed challenges) coincides with the July school holidays and runs for 3 weeks. All prizes will be drawn by Friday 2 September 2022.

The two games follow similar rules as previous with two main prizes awarded to the top team from each game, and the other two main prizes awarded to randomly selected teams for their participation. There are also over $3,000 worth of additional spot prizes up for grabs for those who get involved.

Teams don’t have to complete all of the challenges to be in the running, but the more challenges they tick off, the more points they’ll earn (and the more fun they’ll have!).


For more information, please contact Charlotte Lang, Marketing & Communications Lead

This project has been enabled through 2022 funding awarded by Government to NRDA under the Destination Management Plan with the purpose of supporting local visitation.