The Nelson Tasman Summer Intern Programme is a collaboration between local organisations to attract top students to the region and expose them to the diversity of employment opportunities available. The vision is to create a pipeline of future talent and ambassadors for the region who are excited about Nelson Tasman as a great place to live and establish a career.


The programme is designed so that the interns are employed by individual organisations across the region and then come together as a group for a professional development and social programme. This allows the interns to experience and gain understanding of the range of clever businesses in the region while also enhancing their experience by sharing it with others.

The programme kicks off in late November with a welcome event for the interns and finishes in February with a closing event. Professional development sessions generally take place at host businesses every Friday afternoon and social events as and when suits the group.

There is also the option for interns to take part in a group project throughout the programme. This provides an opportunity to develop teamwork skills across organisations, innovation and leadership skills. A final decision on any group work is made based on participating organisations.

The programme is an initiative of the Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood and has been running since the summer of 2018-19.

  • Develop a pipeline of talent for your organisation and our region.
  • Enhance your interns summer experience by being part of the programme, ensuring they become ambassadors for both your organisation and our region.
  • Grow your workforce the low-risk way - research shows that once on board, more than four out of five interns are retained by their employer.
  • Bring new ideas, diversity and fresh perspectives to your organisation.
  • Help make your organisation more competitive.
  • Become known as a great place to work by showcasing exciting employment opportunities to students.

  • Commit to hiring an intern for the full summer period (approx. mid-November to mid-February).
  • Involvement can be project based or general business as long as it’s real-world experience.
  • Provide on-the-job support for a worthwhile internship opportunity (a dedicated manager, equipment needed to do the job and a supportive learning environment).
  • Be willing to host a professional development or social event.
  • We encourage all organisations to pay the living wage of $22.75/h (from 1 September 2021).

  • Marketing and promotion of the programme nationally
  • Recruitment coordination and support
  • Coordination and timetabling of the programme
  • Event organisation
  • Central point of contact for the interns (in addition to their employer contact)

It is up to each business to find, interview and hire their own intern, however we support this by marketing the programme nationally, including:

  • Promoting the programme and listing all roles on the Nelson Tasman website
  • Marketing the programme through Nelson Tasman and Nelson Regional Development Agency digital channels and other appropriate channels (e.g. University fairs)
  • Media coverage
  • Attending career expos
  • All roles are shared via Intepeople and Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood members
  • Creating a Nelson Tasman ‘company’ profile on the Summer of Tech platform where relevant roles can be listed to attract interns

Over 2000 students from Universities nationwide use the Summer of Tech platform each year to find internships. These internships are from a variety of fields. We cover the registration cost for the Nelson Tasman profile on Summer of Tech, but please note there is a placement cost of around $1k-2k per placement depending on the size of your business.

Become known as an exciting place to work and grow your workforce the low-risk way with a summer intern.

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I enjoyed all of it, the background stories and values of each company were inspiring. The take-homes were appreciated and memorable. Making connections, increasing my network ticked all the boxes.
- Corrina Busby, Summer Intern, Plink Software