Collaboration has always been a strong theme across Nelson Tasman businesses, with the power of many bridging the gap for all.

The Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood (NTIN) is a diverse group of local organisations who have come together in collaboration, to tackle common business challenges and identify joint opportunities across industries. Members include a range of businesses which together contribute an estimated 30-40 per cent of the region’s GDP, education (NMIT) and the region’s economic development agency (NRDA). 

Through sharing knowledge, connections and fresh ideas, the group’s focus is on improving outcomes for their individual organisations while also contributing to the greater good of the Nelson Tasman community and region. Its ultimate aim is regional development by lifting everyone’s prosperity, wellbeing, and capability to benefit the region as a whole.

Their current focus includes attracting top talent to the region, connecting tertiary graduates with local opportunities, and identifying collective barriers that may stand in the way of success so that they can be overcome.

The Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood is an example of how partnerships based on high levels of trust, commitment, and a ‘better together’ principle can collectively achieve remarkable things.

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