Tasman Bay Food Co

Tasman Bay Food Co

Tasman Bay Food Co. manufacture and sell innovative food products based on the healthy and delicious fresh produce of the Nelson Tasman region to both domestic and international markets. The company manufacture a variety of products under the Tasman Bay brand alongside contract manufacturing a range of other unique, value-added products within the food industry.

Tasman Bay Food Co worked with the Nelson Regional Development Agency, receiving business support and accessibility to a range of services and tools from Callaghan Innovation via the Regional Business Partner Programme.

Through the Regional Business Partner Programme, Tasman Bay Food Co were able to upskill in areas such as governance, market validation and lean manufacturing via ‘Capability Voucher Funding’. This funding allows businesses to subsidise the cost of workshops, courses and coaching to further build and develop their management capability and skills.

Tasman Bay Food Co received multiple Callaghan Innovation Research & Development (R&D) grants including:

  • The R&D ‘Getting Started Grant’ allowing them to access plant & food research and expertise to assist in the development of a new plant-protein-based product.
  • The R&D ‘Student Experience Grant’, which Tasman Bay Food Co have accessed for the past three years. This particular grant has allowed them to access food technology student interns which provide fresh new talent for the business and aids with the research and development of products.

The ‘Student Experience Grant’ enabled Tasman Bay Food Co to provide fourth-year Bachelor of Food Technology student Holly McArthur with an internship.

“It’s been really neat working at Tasman Bay and working with a world-class leading organisation, seeing the wide range of products they produce not only in New Zealand but internationally as well and working with the cross-functional team putting my uni experience and knowledge into practice.” McArthur said.

The Nelson Regional Development Agency has a passion to help both new and established businesses connect with the right experts in innovation, offering a comprehensive set of tools, facilitating government funding and services, matching businesses needs with programmes and resources, and ultimately supporting them on their personal growth path to success. 

“The impact of this support has been huge for us; it’s allowed us to access the talent we need and really drive our projects through. I recommend that other businesses across the Top of the South seek advice from Nelson Regional Development Agency around the support they can access to grow their business.” said Managing Director Marina Hirst Tristram.

Watch their video below and get in touch with Mark Maguire, our Regional Business Advisor, if you would like to learn more about the support services available via the Regional Business Partner Programme.

Tasman Bay Food Group

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