Core Transport Technologies

Core Transport Technologies

Ian Craig CEO and co-founder of CORE Transport Technologies wanted to make a change in Transportation and Supply Chain Management.

As software developers, their innovative technologies provide control and real-time Bluetooth tracking of cargo, postal products, and Unit Load Devices (ULD) from the point of origin to the final point of transportation.

Air New Zealand was the launch customer for the Bluetooth-enabled automation with other major global airlines and clients then queuing to adopt the technology. CORE works closely with air, maritime and surface transport providers, global freight forwarders, parcel and post providers and third-party logistics companies.

“We provide tracking services to the air industries globally and our customers include people like the US Postal Service, Air New Zealand, Delta, and American Airlines”, said Craig.

Since 2008 the company has been operating their high-tech and world-leading innovative business right here in the heart of Nelson Tasman. They believe it’s important to look for talent and the retention of talent within the local region, regularly recruiting Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) graduates.

"Because of the state of the internet, instant messages, and things like that, it became actually possible to run it from here, even though it's really an international business."

CORE Transport Technologies received business support through the Nelson Regional Development Agency who connected them with Callaghan Innovation. This facilitated them with the R&D ‘Growth Grant’ and access to Callaghan’s ‘Research and Technical service’ team. The team, made up of 130 PHD level scientists and engineers with access to testing facilities, pilot facilities, and scale-up facilities (basically very fancy and high-tech kit), assisted CORE to develop the tough technical solutions for their Bluetooth wireless product.

 “The type of business support we’ve received through the Nelson Regional Development Agency is really a front door access to Callaghan Innovation.”

CORE consulted with expertise within Callaghan’s ‘Data & IoT’ team to assist with their technical development work.  They have since designed, manufactured and deployed the largest transportation Bluetooth network in the world. 

“It obviously helps us immensely financially and we’ve run numerous technical projects with the research and technical teams at Callaghan which we’ve benefited from.”

Aiming to become the global leader in tracking technologies and logistics management they now have over 20,000 customers across the globe who use their solutions to improve the productivity, performance and security of their logistics operations.

“So any local businesses looking to be innovative and get into a market particularly overseas, I’d recommend that you work with the Nelson Regional Development Agency because they can get you a front door into the ecosystems of other companies having the same journey – through innovation”

Watch their video below and get in touch with Mark Maguire, our Regional Business Advisor, if you would like to learn more about the support services available via the Regional Business Partner Programme.

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