Anzac Memorial Park recognises Nelson’s contribution to the World Wars and memorialises those who gave their lives in service of ... View details

Isel House was the home of early settler Thomas Marsden, and the picturesque park that surrounds the home was planted ... View details

The Samuels Rose Garden was established in 1868 and currently contains over 3000 plants, including the Slaters Crimson China ... View details

The Kiyosato Gardens are located in Motueka and are named to celebrate the sister town relationship between Motueka and Kiyosato ... View details

Washbourn Gardens is just a short stroll from Richmond’s main street but is so serene that you’d easily think it ... View details

The Huangshi Chinese Garden is connected with Queens Gardens via a Rainbow Bridge, signifying the uniting relationship between Nelson City ... View details

The Miyazu Gardens are located just outside of Nelson City, next to the Founders Heritage Park. Celebrating Nelson’s relationship with ... View details

In the heart of Nelson City at the top of Trafalgar Street is Church Hill, known to Māori as Piki ... View details

Located on the outskirts of Nelson City, Queens Gardens is a destination for city workers, visitors and locals looking to ... View details

Melrose House was the original estate of Charles Fowell Willet Watts and his wife Elizabeth, whose daughter Frances and husband ... View details

Gardens of the World brings together native and exotic plants from all around the globe in a single unique and ... View details