Lake Sylvester

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Lake Sylvester is a striking glacial lake in the Kahurangi National Park, easily reached on a 2-hour hike and following a wide, gravel path that is suitable for the whole family to explore.

Traversing the landscapes that border the Cobb Reservoir, you’ll climb through dense beech forest, ascending the bushline until you reach the open alpine tussocks that surround Lake Sylvester Hut. The calm, glacial waters of Lake Sylvester invite you for a journey down the hillside, and those who are brave enough to take a dip will revel in the tranquillity of an alpine swim.

Within easy reach of Lake Sylvester are other lakes of glacial origin, including Iron Hill and Diamond Lake and although not on the official track, a cairn-marked route will guide you to your destination.

How to get there: Follow Cobb Dam Road up the valley to the Cobb Reservoir. There is a parking area just past the reservoir.

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Lake Sylvester

Cobb Dam Road
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