The Mārahau Pledge is a practical commitment by businesses working in the visitor sector to protect and enhance the environment that they love and work in.

Every tourism operator based out of Mārahau, from water taxis and kayaking to canyoning and walking guides, have come together under a new initiative called the Mārahau Pledge.

For visitors leaving from Mārahau, it means you will have a zero carbon experience regardless of which Mārahau operator you choose.

A portion of every ticketed experience will go to projects focused on improved biodiversity and conservation outcomes for Mārahau Village and the surrounding area. Additionally, all the businesses signed up to the pledge will share knowledge that will improve the sustainability of tourism operations.


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The Mārahau Pledge
Te Oati mō Mārahau

This is our pledge to Mārahau.
Nei tō mātou oati ki a Mārahau.

This is our pledge for the future.
Nei te oati mō anamata.

We commit to care for Mārahau, its surrounds and each other.
Ko Mārahau kei runga, kei raro, kei roto, kei waho. Tātou ki a tatou.

To be aware of and take responsibility for our impact.
Kia rongo, kia mōhio, kia mārama ki ō tātou tapuwae waro.

To inspire protection through connection.
Kia whakaohoohotia te pare i te herenga tangata.

To tread lightly and explore slowly.
Kia āta tuhuratia.

To regenerate our land, air, water and all living things.
Kia tipu, kia rea ngā koha ō rātou mā.

To give back to this place that gives so much to us.
Kia taukohatia ngā hua o Mārahau.

To care more and explore more.
Kia tōmenetia i roto i te manaaki.

To be good ancestors.
Kia tika te tūāpapa mo āpōpō.