Nelson Tasman’s stunning natural landscapes provide the perfect playground for any type of adrenaline seeker. From the rivers to the mountains, and the sea to the sky, we have everything you need for a bit of heart-pumping action.

Option 1: Nelson + Abel Tasman

What better way to start your weekend of adventures than at a fun park dedicated to exactly that? As you grip tightly to the handles of your quad-bike you’ll follow your guide on a steep ascent to the top of the hill, weaving around tight corners and over muddy terrain. Upon your arrival, you’ll see a circular contraption suspended in the treetops… that’s your ride. Holding the title as the longest skywire the world has ever seen, the rush of exhilaration will hit you as you zoom across the valley to the other side, before slowing down to enjoy the panoramic views on your way back.

In the afternoon, you’re headed out toward the Abel Tasman region. If the idea of launching yourself out of a plane and free-falling above some of the most spectacular views imaginable tickles your fancy, then Motueka is the place for you. The only place in the country where you’ll get to see both the North and the South Islands, plus three national parks whilst you soar through the sky, it’s easy to see why people pick Nelson Tasman to tick this one off the bucket list. Alternatively, if you prefer to be closer to the ground, head out to the Kaiteriteri Mountain-bike Park, where you can spend the rest of the day navigating the challenging switchbacks and swift descents that sit atop the hill.

This evening, try something slightly out of the ordinary and spend the night in the heart of the park at the floating backpackers. After refuelling at the evening boat BBQ, let the gentle waves rock you to sleep in your dorm room, so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Once the sun has made its appearance, you’ll head onshore to meet the guides from Abel Tasman Canyons. A wealth of adventures await as you trek deeper into the park toward Torrent River, where you’ll get to let loose, zipping through unspoilt rainforest, abseiling down waterfalls and jumping from great heights into the deep pools below.

Option 2: Murchison

This option starts much the same as the previous one, with an unmissable visit to the adventure park, whether you choose to spend your time carving up with a quad bike, zipping through the trees on the skywire, challenging your friends in paintball, getting muddy on the argo, or riding into the forest on horseback. Although quite easy to spend days on end here, the afternoon will see you heading toward Murchison for some white-water action.

Known as the white-water capital, Murchison is like paradise for a thrill-seeker like you. Before you know it, it will have you plunging through the depths of the Buller Canyon by jetboat, spinning a full 360 degrees, a combination of river-spray and wind slicking back your hair, leaving you wanting more. And more white-water action is exactly what you’ll get on day two, when you head out into the grand Buller Canyon once more, this time on a rafting adventure. Riding the rapids and tumbling through tricky terrain, your second experience of the canyon will have you marvelling at the picturesque waterfalls and gorgeous mountain scenery that surround you.

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