Nelson Tasman Story

So, what’s our story? Every place likes to think it’s a bit special and we’re no exception.

In our case the people who live here came up with so much they love about the place that we ended up with five key things we wanted to say about ourselves. Nelson Tasman is about clever business and stunning landscapes. We’re highly connected and surprisingly diverse and we’re blessed with arts and artisans.

What does that mean for you? What it all adds up to is an expression of the kind of life you can live here in Nelson Tasman. It’s the sum of all the parts, if you like.

Nelson Tasman is a place where you can experience life beyond the ordinary. A place to live, with a palpable energy, vibrant culture and arts scene amongst stunning landscapes, beaches, lakes and mountains. Where affordable living meets city working and there is the time for life balance to become a reality.

A place where it’s easy to connect, and where connection breeds creativity and innovation. Where artisan businesses with commercial smarts thrive and find their place on the world stage.

A place to visit where all the best bits of New Zealand are distilled into a single destination. Where Abel Tasman is just one of three national parks, and where a world-class cider experience, consistently high sunshine hours and the clearest lake in the world are just the beginning.

Whether you’re starting a new life, a new career or business, or planning the trip of a lifetime, there’s no place like Nelson Tasman, where our ordinary is extraordinary to everyone else.

We’re keen to know what you think and to see Nelson Tasman through your eyes. If you have something to share please connect with us on social media using the hashtag #nelsontasman.