The importance of Events

The importance of Events

Written by Rebecca Leach

Posted on Tuesday 22 March 2022

Yes Events are FUN. But they are much more than that… They are important.

Finally! It’s taken a pandemic for events not to be simply viewed as something ‘nice to do’! But rather, a pivotal tool in keeping our economy afloat.

Events are important because…

  • They bring people together, off their sofas and out of their homes to be with other people. A great tonic for loneliness in these trying times!

  • They contribute to our social fabric. Opening our eyes and allowing us to share new experiences with others. Whether that be cheering together as a goal or try is scored, quietly mulling over the beauty of an artwork at a gallery opening or dancing like crazy with our mates at a live concert.

  • They educate us about people and place, the values of our community and what we hold dear in our city, region or even worldwide. This can be demonstrated by unofficial events such as protests too.

  • Events create memories. Be they good or bad. I’m currently reading a book about the Springbok Rugby tour and although only 10 years old at the time, I vividly remember my father’s strong stance on whether the tour should go ahead and my mother’s quieter more considered opinion.

  • Events are also a great economic stimulator. People spend money not only at events, but on their way to them and often afterwards when they want the fun to continue long into the night. People also travel great distances sometimes to attend special events and stay on afterwards to enjoy other local attractions, or even the next event.

  • When so many economic stimulants can cost local or central governments greatly, a relatively small investment in an event can not only drive spend but can help keep those in the industry or suppliers to the event industry employed. This is true from food manufacturers and commercial laundries right through to ticketing agents, performers and stagehands or sports referees.

The true value of events is immeasurable because so many of these benefits are intangible. But just look at this photo and you know it’s a great investment!

To many that look at this image they just see people having a great time, but those in the industry see months of work that have gone into creating everything from Health and Safety plans (these guys may not be thinking of the poor event organiser here), to ordering all of the glasses and 50+ beers on offer, right back to the marketing campaign and signing off the event logo graphics a year or more prior.

An event like this contributes to the livelihood of 100’s in our community and the organisers should be rightly proud of the brave risk they take that hopefully results in a multitude of rewarding outcomes.

Currently this risk is greater than normal and since the start of the August 2021 lockdown we have seen the loss of and estimated more than $20 Million in spend in NRDA and NCC supported events alone. This is due to covid19 public health restrictions forcing the postponement and cancellation of events. And rightly so to keep us all safe.

I’m however still proud to be a small cog in an events industry that generates so many smiles and has the ability, in usual non-Covid times, to contribute so much to the local economy.

We’re all looking forward to the return of concerts, festivals and parades, large sports tournaments and family gatherings. Whatever spins your wheels - Formula 1 lovers to enduro World Series fans, there’s an event that’s important to you too.