Tāhunanui Beach Business Collaboration

Tāhunanui Beach Business Collaboration

Written by Jason Petterson

Posted on Wednesday 15 November 2023

Tāhunanui Beach businesses have collaborated to market Tāhunanui Beach in Nelson as a ‘must-go’ destination. The eight businesses involved are Moana Paddle Nelson, Tāhuna Beach Holiday Park and Motel, Nelson Fun Park / Go Karts / Trampoline Park / Laser Tag, Natureland Wildlife Trust, The Gentle Cycling Company, Kiteskool Kitesurfing, Sprig & Fern Tavern Tāhuna and Raglan Roast Tāhunanui.

Tāhunanui is a well-known and popular vacation destination for beachside holidays in Nelson, New Zealand. But the competition from other beach destinations in New Zealand is intense with the activities, accommodations and offerings continuing to improve. The Tāhunanui collab aims to remind Kiwis and international tourists what an incredible place Tāhunanui Beach is and all the great sustainable and family friendly activities there are to be found here. 

The ‘Be in to win a magical family getaway at Tāhunanui Beach’ campaign is anchored around a fun video of all the member activities captured by local content creators @Barekiwi. This has been shared with the NelsonTasman membership database and social media channels with the key aim to attract visitors to the NelsonTasman website to enter. The other aims are to get bookings for collab members and to build the membership database for future marketing opportunities. The campaign has a prize value of up to $1420 and will run until 8 December.

Nelson Regional Development Agency supported the initiative with a grant back in 2022 and worked closely on the campaign strategy with project lead Moana Paddle Nelson to get the project to market.

Sam Colledge of Moana Paddle Nelson says “In this industry, we all work so hard to promote our own services and products. So I was passionate about driving this project because it's important to realise how we can work smarter, by working together. We’ve been able to reduce our marketing costs by sharing the financial investment, and we’ve started building relationships with each other that will lead to future opportunities, which in turn will grow and expand all of our businesses. The essence of this Colab is about seeing the benefit to us as a collective and not as individual businesses".

Kyle Mulinder from @Barekiwi says “I have worked with many tourism organisations both nationally and internationally but this is the first time I have been involved with an incredibly successful collaboration project initiated by individual businesses. The cohesion all nine businesses demonstrated just blew my mind. Everyone was purely in it for the greater good; to showcase how special Tāhunanui is. It was an honour to capture it for them".

Bernie of The Gentle Cycling Company said "This has been a wonderful way to reconnect with other local businesses after the last few years where we've all been very separated from one another. Our Paddle and Pedal collaboration with Paddle Nelson has already been a huge hit and we're forming new partnerships to bring even more exciting tours! This project is in keeping with our core values of caring for our customers, our community and our environment”.

Wiebke from Kitescool says "The video and collaboration of the local businesses is a fantastic way to celebrate Tāhunanui Beach. Kitescool has always been keen to share our passion for watersports in this beautiful location and by working together it clearly shows that Tāhunanui really offers something for everyone, every age and ability - a must see destination in NZ!”

Fiona Wilson, CE, NRDA commented that "We support business projects such as this to increase awareness and visitation to our region. This is a much needed, and long-awaited initiative that should increase awareness and increase visitation to the micro-region of Tāhunanui".

The Tāhunanui Collab invite new members to join to increase strength and offerings of the collective. Together we can work smarter to create partnership offerings, bundles, tours and itineraries to suit families and groups. 

With the anticipated increase in the number of foreign and domestic visitors to the region the 2023/2024 summer season is shaping up to be a good one and the businesses of Tāhunanui are doing all they can to insure they are busy!