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Identity and Strategy

Establishing the future sustainable economic development aspirations of the region and inspiring others to share their Extraordinary Nelson Tasman talent stories and experiences.

Regional Identity Framework 

The Nelson Tasman Regional Identity has been developed to help Nelson Tasman be recognised as extraordinary. The identity is an authentic representation of who we are and what we want to continue to be as a region, because when people know who you are and what you are about, they engage, share and spread the word more readily and easily amongst others.

The identity is one of the key ways in which we intend to ensure we are proactive in growing the region. This area of activity is focused on the ultimate outcome of inspiring others to share our Extraordinary Nelson Tasman identity stories and experiences, raising the profile of the region as a place to live, visit and invest. One of the key outcomes is providing others with the basic and easily accessible tools in order to share the story as and when fits within their needs.

Find out more about the Regional Identity Framework here

Talent Attraction & Retention

This area of activity is focused on the ultimate outcome of raising the profile of the region as a place to live and work whilst also contributing to the attraction of increased investment in the region. The talent attraction programme is focused on addressing one of the consistent messages from the business community around their major barriers to growth. The identity provides the baseline proposition and this programme creates the destination pitch to go around the businesses or organisation’s needs.

Regional Economic Development Strategy 

The Nelson Regional Development Agency is a partner in the development of the Te Tauihu 2077 Regional Growth Strategy. In summary the aim of this strategy is to get an aligned understanding and clarity of the focus of the regional economic development aspirations and priorities between iwi, the Councils, Government, and the private sector. This understanding is centred around the sustainable economic development priorities that will make a difference for the whole of Te Tahihu (the Top of the South region) in the future, with a clearly defined, action plan and collective commitment to implementation.

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Inspiring and supporting existing and new businesses and business people to think differently and embrace new behaviours.

Regional Business Partner Programme

The Regional Business Partner Programme is a key component of the Nelson Tasman business development and innovation ecosystem with the primary aim of building the capability and capacity of the region’s business community to assist them to start-up, grow and innovate through a central Government partnership around the delivery of support programmes in the areas of business development services, R&D, and mentoring.

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Innovation Programme Support

The Innovation Support Programme has the primary aim of raising the awareness of and facilitating a more coordinated and integrated approach to the delivery of the services contained within the ecosystem.

The two primary focus areas are:

Establishment of the Mahitahi Colab; a physical co-location regional innovation and collaboration hub at NMIT, where existing businesses and start-ups can connect with local and national Business Development & Innovation (BDI) organisations and NMIT students. The Mahitahi Colab is a partnership between the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and Nelson Regional Development Agency and is designed to place local businesses and the tertiary sector at the heart of the Nelson Tasman innovation and business community.

Find Out More About The Mahitahi Colab

Raising the awareness and profile of innovation
through supporting networks and events, including the Young Enterprise Programme, Hack Nelson and the Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood Community. The Innovation Neighbourhood Community (INC) concept has grown out of the initial launch and activation of the Wynard Innovation Neighbourhood in Auckland, which has been a huge success and is now being introduced in regions such as Hamilton, Taranaki and Nelson. The neighbourhood comprises of a collective of non-competing, for-profit companies working to help one another to pursue growth and strengthen their capabilities through a culture of innovation and sharing.

As a founding member of the Wynard Innovation Neighbourhood, Datacom is committed to the concept of #BetterTogether, and are supporting and coordinating the effort. The Nelson Tasman Innovation Neighbourhood Community model is based on a small number of committed corporates and innovation ecosystem stakeholders. This is not a talkfest and it is not a spectator sport. The aim is action and mutual support for capability and growth.

Regional Economic Insights Programme

The Regional Economic Insights Programme has the primary aim of collating and communicating a set of business intelligence and insights to improve understanding and support quality decision making, both within the Nelson Regional Development Agency, and for the wider business community.

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Sustainable Destination Management

Ensuring the visitor sector enhances the local economy, community and environment in the long term and inspiring the sharing and delivery of the Extraordinary Nelson Tasman visitor stories and experiences.

International Marketing Programme

The International Marketing Programme has the primary aim of stimulating the value of international visitation to the Nelson Tasman region over the shoulder seasons and is very closely aligned with Tourism NZ, Nelson Airport, Port Nelson, and our other key partners. The international trade and media programmes are focused on the in-market influencers of international travel as opposed to an end-user consumer approach.

Events Sales & Marketing Programme

The Business Events Sales and Marketing team are the first point of contact when planning an event in the Nelson region. This sales and marketing programme leads the SPICE (Sporting, Professional, Incentive, Conferences and Events) strategy and has the primary aim of growing the awareness of the Nelson Tasman region’s business events value proposition, generating leads and converting enquiries.

Plan your business eVENT In Nelson Tasman


Domestic Consumer Marketing Programme

The Domestic Consumer Marketing Programme is driven by the overall Nelson Tasman Visitor Strategy, with the primary aim of stimulating repeat visitation to the region throughout the shoulder seasons and inspiring others to share their extraordinary visitor stories and experiences. Focusing on the high value domestic markets, the programme involves delivering targeted campaign activity throughout Autumn and Spring, ensuring strong integration with the Major Events calendar, and the Regional Identity Framework.



Major Events Programme

The Major Events Programme is driven by the Nelson City Council Events Strategy which has the vision of bringing events to the region that ‘strengthen the region and its identity, stimulate a prosperous, vibrant and engaged community and deliver value at the right time’. The Major Events Programme supports events that foster community wellbeing and events that grow Nelson’s economy.

Events are important for community well-being, as they build feelings of belonging and identity and a sense of pride in our city as well as helping to grow awareness of our diverse community. They are also an increasingly important economic contributor, growing the visitor market and helping make Nelson an attractive destination for new residents. Events provide a valuable opportunity to showcase the unique and compelling identity of the region and the extraordinary city experience that Nelson is.

Read the Nelson City Council Events Strategy

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