Mahitahi Colab

The core concept of of Mahitahi Colab is to create a physical co-location regional innovation and collaboration hub at NMIT, where existing businesses and start-ups can connect with local and national Business Development & Innovation (BDI) organisations and NMIT students.

The core partners are the Nelson Regional Development Agency, Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, and we are inviting other key Business Development & Innovation (BDI) ecosystem partners to join us in the development of this initiative. Mahitahi Colab is designed to place local businesses and the tertiary sector at the heart of the Nelson Tasman innovation and business community.

All parties involved have a public good focus and will be able to add value to the overall concept and objectives of the in Mahitahi Colab. The shared objectives of the establishment of the Mahitahi Colab are:

  • Improve connections and collaboration in the innovation ecosystem with the aim of creating a collaborative environment to support business growth, innovation and education.
  • Build strong links between business, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, education and BDI ecosystem partners.
  • Improve effectiveness of regional programmes and unlock national economic development programmes and resources.
  • Enhance the innovation culture and profile within and of the region.
  • Contribute to the development of NMIT as a regional centre for applied research and engage NMIT students with the business community.
  • Create a sustainable business model for the hub.

To assist in achieving these objectives the Mahitahi Colab partners wish to create a regionally focused environment to attract the co-location of other key collaborators that will add value to influencing the innovation ecosystem and strengthen the opportunity for collaboration. To facilitate this process, the physical space has been designed to include a collaborative commons co-working space, including hot-desks, a mixture of relaxed meeting and working areas, some dedicated meeting rooms, a shared kitchen and a board room. The commons areas will also double as a flexible event venue.

To find out more about full-time, part-time and casual collaboration options, please contact Mark Rawson at

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