Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a tourism operator in the Nelson Tasman region? Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about our web listings.

Who can create a listing on this website?

Any local business can create a listing on the website, however, the way in which your listing is displayed will depend on whether or not you are a business partner of the Nelson Regional Development Agency.

How do I create a listing on this website?

To create a listing, you will first have to set up an operator account.

1)      Scroll down to the footer at the bottom of the page and click either ‘Get a Listing’ or ‘Partner Login’

2)      Complete the steps to sign up for an operator account

3)      Click Register

4)      You should get an email in your inbox shortly after clicking Register. You will need to click on the link to complete the sign-up process. If this does not arrive within a few minutes, check your junk/spam folder.

5)      A site administrator will activate your account usually within 24 hours, but please note that if you sign up over the weekend, this may take a bit longer.

Once your account has been activated by a site administrator, you will receive an email to inform you of this. To create your listing:

1)      Scroll down to the footer at the bottom of the page and click ‘Partner Login’

2)      Type in your username/email and password to be taken to your user profile

3)      Click ‘Create Web Listing’ and fill in the form, adding in details and imagery as required. Note that fields with an asterisk are required.

4)      If you have any trouble with uploading images or attaching Trip Advisor and Qualmark details, please refer to this FAQ’s page first, or alternatively email

5)      Click ‘create listing’

6)      To preview or edit your listing(s), click on the ‘My Listings’ tab in your user profile area.

Can I create a listing in multiple categories?

At this stage, we have not placed any restrictions around the number of categories businesses can create a listing in, however, a site administrator checks all listings created to ensure they belong in the category chosen. We have multiple top-level categories available in which you can create a listing – Transport, Visitor, Events and Trade and we understand that your business may dabble in more than one of these areas.

For example, if you run a coach service, you may wish to create a listing in the Visitor Transport category, but you may also wish to create one in the Business Events Transport category. We recommend you take the time to explore the category options when creating your listings, to ensure you have a presence in the areas you think your business needs to be seen.

Why are my Qualmark/Tripadvisor details not displaying on my listing?

This website pulls data from a number of third-party websites, including Qualmark and Trip Advisor. These updates happen overnight, so it may take up to 24 hours for your awards or ratings to appear on your listing.

If sufficient time has passed and your Qualmark ID is still not showing, it is possible that you have created a listing under a category in which you do not have a Qualmark rating (eg your Qualmark rating is Bed & Breakfast, but you have created a listing in the Hotel category). The category you select must be aligned with your Qualmark rating in order to display correctly on our website.

If you have covered all of these bases and your details still aren’t showing, please email us at and we will endeavour to fix the issue for you. 

How do I find my Qualmark ID?

You can find your Qualmark Account ID in the post-evaluation email from Qualmark that also contains your evaluation report and logo(s), or on any recent Qualmark invoice. Alternatively, you can also contact for your ID.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

You can reset your password by scrolling down to the footer of the webpage and clicking ‘Partner Login’. Click ‘Reset Password’ and follow the prompts. If you continue to have trouble or have forgotten the username/email you used to sign up as well, please email and we will try our best to help find your details and reset your password.

Why has my listing been suspended?

Occasionally we may suspend a listing if:

a)       The listing has been created in a category in which it does not belong (eg a transport provider listing their services in the venues section)

b)      The listing is a duplicate or too similar to another listing in the same category 

c)       The listing is inappropriate

If you believe we may have incorrectly suspended your listing, please do not hesitate to contact us at to resolve the issue.

How do I change the image that shows up on the category's main page?

By default, the image that you upload first on your listing will display on the main category page. If you wish to change this, you must simply edit your listing via your user profile, dragging and dropping your preferred feature image into the first image space.

I am having trouble uploading my images to my listing. Why?

There are a few reasons why your image upload may not be working. Firstly, we recommend you try to use a different web browser if you are having trouble – Chrome or Firefox are our recommended options.

Secondly, it may be that your image is too large, or you are uploading it in the wrong format. Our website accepts jpg and png files at no bigger than 5MB each, and all images must be a minimum of 700 pixels wide by 394 pixels high. If you need to resize your image, there are plenty of websites on Google that can help with this.

When uploading images, it is important to wait until the green line under the image has finished moving and the tick appears before you save your listing.

I can't find an answer to my question here - how can I ask for more information?

If you have any further questions or enquiries about creating a listing or using your operator account, please email