Nelson Tasman is surprisingly diverse and nowhere is that more evident than in the range of events our region hosts every year.

Check out some of the exciting events that are coming up below.

Nelson Farmers Market

Every Wednesday Rain or Shine the Farmers Market comes to Morrison Square bringing you local fresh produce and products from all over the top of the south region. Come down have lunch and sample some incredible deals and taste sensations from the people that grew and made the products themselves!

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Nelson Farmers Market is on these dates:

  • 13th May 2015
  • 20th May 2015
  • 27th May 2015
  • 3rd June 2015
  • 10th June 2015
  • 17th June 2015
  • 24th June 2015
  • 1st July 2015
  • 8th July 2015
  • 15th July 2015
  • 22nd July 2015
  • 29th July 2015
  • 5th August 2015
  • 12th August 2015
  • 19th August 2015
  • 26th August 2015
  • 2nd September 2015
  • 9th September 2015
  • 16th September 2015
  • 23rd September 2015
  • 30th September 2015
  • 7th October 2015
  • 14th October 2015
  • 21st October 2015
  • 28th October 2015
  • 4th November 2015
  • 11th November 2015
  • 18th November 2015
  • 25th November 2015
  • 2nd December 2015
  • 9th December 2015
  • 16th December 2015
  • 23rd December 2015
  • 30th December 2015
  • 6th January 2016
  • 13th January 2016
  • 20th January 2016
  • 27th January 2016
  • 3rd February 2016
  • 10th February 2016
  • 17th February 2016
  • 24th February 2016
  • 2nd March 2016
  • 9th March 2016
  • 16th March 2016
  • 23rd March 2016
  • 30th March 2016
  • 6th April 2016
  • 13th April 2016
  • 20th April 2016
  • 27th April 2016
  • 4th May 2016
  • 11th May 2016
  • 18th May 2016
  • 25th May 2016
  • 1st June 2016
  • 8th June 2016
  • 15th June 2016
  • 22nd June 2016
  • 29th June 2016
  • 6th July 2016
  • 13th July 2016
  • 20th July 2016
  • 27th July 2016
  • 3rd August 2016
  • 10th August 2016
  • 17th August 2016
  • 24th August 2016
  • 31st August 2016
  • 7th September 2016
  • 14th September 2016
  • 21st September 2016
  • 28th September 2016
  • 5th October 2016
  • 12th October 2016
  • 19th October 2016
  • 26th October 2016
  • 2nd November 2016
  • 9th November 2016
  • 16th November 2016
  • 23rd November 2016
  • 30th November 2016
  • 7th December 2016
  • 14th December 2016
  • 21st December 2016
  • 28th December 2016
  • 4th January 2017
  • 11th January 2017
  • 18th January 2017
  • 25th January 2017
  • 1st February 2017
  • 8th February 2017
  • 15th February 2017
  • 22nd February 2017
  • 1st March 2017
  • 8th March 2017
  • 15th March 2017
  • 22nd March 2017
  • 29th March 2017
  • 5th April 2017
  • 12th April 2017
  • 19th April 2017
  • 26th April 2017
  • 3rd May 2017
  • 10th May 2017
  • 17th May 2017
  • 24th May 2017
  • 31st May 2017
  • 7th June 2017
  • 14th June 2017
  • 21st June 2017
  • 28th June 2017
  • 5th July 2017
  • 12th July 2017
  • 19th July 2017
  • 26th July 2017
  • 2nd August 2017
  • 9th August 2017
  • 16th August 2017
  • 23rd August 2017
  • 30th August 2017
  • 6th September 2017
  • 13th September 2017
  • 20th September 2017
  • 27th September 2017
  • 4th October 2017
  • 11th October 2017
  • 18th October 2017
  • 25th October 2017
  • 1st November 2017
  • 8th November 2017
  • 15th November 2017
  • 22nd November 2017
  • 29th November 2017
  • 6th December 2017
  • 13th December 2017
  • 20th December 2017
  • 27th December 2017
  • 3rd January 2018
  • 10th January 2018
  • 17th January 2018
  • 24th January 2018
  • 31st January 2018
  • 7th February 2018
  • 14th February 2018
  • 21st February 2018
  • 28th February 2018
  • 7th March 2018
  • 14th March 2018
  • 21st March 2018
  • 28th March 2018
  • 4th April 2018
  • 11th April 2018
  • 18th April 2018
  • 25th April 2018
Thursday Talk: How To Look At Art

Join our Curator, Director or a special guest for our monthly in-depth discussion where we highlight a single.

12:10 - 1:10pm. Gold coin donation.

Fourth Thursday of every month.

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Motueka Live Poets Inaugural Event - Robbie Burns' Birthday

Following the success of Golden Bay and Nelson Live Poets evenings, a new group has been formed in the Motueka area to share the spoken word in all its forms. This inaugural gathering coincides with Robbie Burns' birthday so there will be some of his poems read or recited.

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Amazing Race Centre of NZ

Join us for an amazing race at the Centre of NZ, you will be sent off in your teams or as individuals with a list of clues, find the next location and clue to carry on your journey and complete the amazing race.

A fun event for all ages and groups, meet on the grass to the entrance of the Centre of NZ Walkway

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Motueka Library: 160th Anniversary Victorian Picnic in the Park

Celebrate the official opening of Motueka's library service in 1858.
Bring a rug and a picnic and join us in Memorial Park, beside the library.

Add to the occasion by dressing up like a Victorian and enjoy some Victorian refreshments.

Your Victorian entertainment will include a pop up book sale, a quiz with hidden clues for both adults and children and Victorian colouring-in.

NB Victorian dress not compulsory!

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Sonic Delusion live at The Boathouse Nelson

Too funky for folk and too folky for funk - that's Sonic Delusion's Latin-infused, pop-laced "funky electroacoustic folk."
Sonic Delusion’s frontman Andre Manella uses his well-worn loop pedal to spontaneously create layers of rhythm, tone and vocals.
​The Swiss-Kiwi electro-folk raconteur “easily carves out his own unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound”.
“Catchy loops invite plenty of dancing and hip swaying… a sensual delight to the ears."

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Balkan, gypsy, folk music

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Just the Two of Us

There's just the two of us left. What has happened? You decide! Veteran improvisers, Glenn Cousins and Nikkie Karki perform a 2 person show bringing your silliest ideas to life about what happened to the rest of their improv troupe! Will they be stuck with each other forever or will the rest of the troupe emerge in February??? (But actually they all will return in February... Wink.) Join this talented dynamic duo as they embark on an adventure of the unknown.

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Takaka Library: The Rubbish Trip

Two no-waste nomads talk trash with the people. Reduce your household rubbish with a zero waste approach.
The Rubbish Trip is a zero waste roadshow about how and why individuals can reduce their waste footprint.
With a can-do attitude to reducing rubbish, these two no-waste nomads will show you how easy, fun and fulfilling waste reduction can be!

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Bad Taste Ball

Dave White, recently known for his promotion of the electronic side of the arts through his internationally renown Phat Festivals & previous owner of Nelsons Phat Club for over 11 years, is returning to Nelson with a bunch of live bands which he states is a much overdue revisiting of his punk & jazz roots. The rebirth of the Phatclubs infamous BAD TASTE BALL, last held in 2010 & priding itself on featuring the darker & more humourous aspects of live music genres such as metal, punk, avant garde & improvised jazz mayhem, will strike Bridge St’s infectious art grooved PARADOX Club on Saturday 27 January with at least 7 live bands taking the stage. Entry is just $5 from 8pm & costuming bad taste styles is always welcome but never compulsory.

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Tasman United v Team Wellington

Tasman United take on Team Wellington in their 7th home game of the season

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Live Music series - Marianne Navon

Opening the Live Music Series for 2018, singer/songwriter and guitarist Marianne Navon will entertain Library visitors with grassroots American music ranging from traditional, folk, Alt-country, blues and Contemporary folk. Her American roots have been influenced by many years living in other lands and the music reflects several realities, cultures and styles, grounded in folk, blues and rock then blended with rhythms and modes of the Middle East
The songs travel from stories based on family history in the American South to contemplating life and love in the swirling political winds of Israel and beyond.

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Hopetoun Brown

Tim Stewart and Nick Atkinson stomp and parp their way into your heart with nothing but brass, a bass clarinet, two sets of tambourines and tonsils.....

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Rising Appalachia and Matiu Te Huki & My Golden Soul

Musical artists and activists; the sisters of Rising Appalachia are coming to Aotearoa New Zealand to perform a special and one-off show here in Motueka as part of their debut tour down under.

Supported by home-grown talent Matiu Te Huki and My Golden Soul, this show promises to bring the good vibes with plenty of aural delights to satisfy the senses.

United Vibrations is stoked to bring you this family friendly and alcohol free event.

Tickets are limited and available online at
Tickets are capped and doorsales are subject to availability. Get in quick to ensure you are present at the only Rising Appalachia show in the country!!

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Obstacle Course Tahunanui Playing Reserve

Head down for a challenging morning of Obstacles. Zig Zag your way through challenges, jump hurdles and have loads of fun with the family in the fresh air.

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NBS Nelson Striders 6 o'clock Summer Series

Run and walk races in the Maitai Valley.

Race 4 30th Jan - 10km

All levels welcome.
No entry fee
Turn up slightly earlier to register

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Heron's Feather

Delightful puppetry, comedy and magic - Birdlife Productions are back this summer with an enchanting new puppet show for all the family!
A little Moon Maiden falls out of her cradle all the way down to Earth and lands in the nest of an old White Heron who raises the child as her own. But as she grows, the Moon Maiden longs to return to her Moon family; how can she possibly get home?
Nominated for Best Theatre and Best Design awards at Dunedin Fringe for their play ‘Kokako’s Song’, and shortlisted for ‘Playmarket: Plays for the young, 2017’, Birdlife Productions are set to go places. Catch them while you can in Nelson and Tasman this summer holidays.

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Zarek Silberschmidt & Albi

Zarek Silberschmidt, described by audiences and colleagues alike as a chameleon within his articulation of acoustic guitar performance.

Stylistically defined as remarkably versatile, some would go as far to state, a natural born performer. Zarek’s unique dexterity in the art of shape shifting sounds has been described as simply phenomenal by audiences. A spectrum of techniques mastered through a vast comprehension of genre specific qualities, grants his ability to seamlessly accommodate to each individual performance.

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Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably Design Workshop

Well known fabrics designers Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably from the UK will be conducting a colour design workshop at Cushla's Village Fabrics Store, 136 Aranui Road, Mapua, Nelson on Wednesday 31st January 2018. Don't miss this once in a life time opportunity

We have limited spaces left.

Please contact us to register

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Amazing Race Tahunanui Beach

Join us for an amazing race at Tahunanui Beach, you will be sent off in your teams or as individuals with a list of clues, find the next location and clue to carry on your journey and complete the amazing race.

A fun event got all ages and groups, meet at the Rocks Road end of the Beach

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Folk Night

A fun and casual meeting of folk musicians. Join in or just listen.

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Julian Temple Band

Considered one of Dunedin's hardest working acts, Julian Temple Band has been releasing records and touring internationally for over a decade. The groovy, blues influenced quintet consists of Logan Hampton (Alizarin Lizard) on keys, Alex Vaatstra (Matt Langley/Ha The Unclear) on violin, Steve Marshall (Left Or Right) on bass, Paul McLennan-Kissel (Entire Alphabet) on drums and singer/songwriter/guitarist Julian Temple. The group's last two albums reached the top 10 on the Official NZ Album Charts and they have been nominated for various awards including the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (alternative category) and were a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The band's sixth studio album is due out in 2018.

"Julian Temple Band conjures a spirit somewhere between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a gypsy caravan which, having started off jamming American songs, ended up lost in a desert, found some cactus juice and jumped on another horse entirely." - Shane Gilchrist, ODT, NZ

"Like the loudest blues band in the world whispering" - Zeitgeist, UK

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Food Truck Fridays

Food Truck Fridays at Founders Heritage Park are back, the first Friday of the month, starting 1 September. Bring your family and enjoy an evening of tasty food, great beer and good company. Live music and an awesome playground for the kids. Food will be available between 5-8pm.

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The Julian Temple Band

"Julian Temple Band conjures a spirit somewhere between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a gypsy caravan which, having started off jamming American songs, ended up lost in a desert, found some cactus juice and jumped on another horse entirely." - Shane Gilchrist, ODT, NZ

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Destination Wakefield

1. Steam Museum, 222 Pigeon Valley Road, Wakefield is on steam (Allan 027 319 7427)
2. Willow Bank Heritage Village
79 Wakefield-Kohatu Highway, Wakefield
3. Villa Grove Estate (olive oils), 117 Wakefield-Kohatu Highway, Wakefield (03-541 8577)
4. Bush Walk Gallery, 15 Hunt Terrace, Wakefield (03-541 96 15)
5. Barbars (Collectibles Curios Crafts), 86 Higgins Road, Wakefield (03-541 87 92)
6. Carol's Emporium (antiques and collectables), 62 Whitby Road, Wakefield (03-541 9678 or 027 693 4412)
7. Thistle Studio (artist: Rose Shepard), 337 Higgins Road, Wakefield (027 406 4154)
8. Armageddon (paint ball), 334, Wai-iti Valley Road, Wakefield (03-541 8452)
9. Wakefield Bike Hire, 35, Edward Street, Wakefield (022 199 8321)
10. The Village Gallery (eclectic mix of jewellery + art), 30, Edward Street, Wakefield

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Shiny Side Up Bike Fest 2018

If you love the freedom of two wheels and a few CC's, you are going to love the Shiny Side Up Bike Fest.

It's a riders dream with loads of bikes on display, international guest speakers and motorcycle demonstrations!

International guests include - Road Rash Queen Brittany Morrow, World renown suspension guru Dave Moss and from the UK, Survival Skills expert Kevin Williams.

Come along, meet the experts and get some tips on technique, set-up and advanced riding.

All details on

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Paul Bosauder presents Tierra y Mar - Flamenco Guitar

Kiwi Paul Bosauder is returning home from Spain to present his personal flamenco project and introduce New Zealand to his début flamenco album "Tierra y Mar".
He last played here in 2016 at Q Theatre Auckland, Splore music festival and the Circa Theatre, Wellington; International performances include the V Festival of Concert Guitar in Barcelona; the JazzSi Club; Fringe Festival Torroella de Montgrí, Palau Robert, El Auditori, Auditori AXA, Auditori Sant Marti, Los Tarantos (all in Barcelona), Orillas de Triana; Caja Negra (Sevilla) and the Saint-Georges 8a Guitar festival (Belgium) and WOMAD, NZ.
“Paul plays with dedicated conviction and passion and delivers beauty and fire,” Acclaimed jazz musician and fellow Kiwi Jonathan Crayford.
“Paul is a sensitive and emotive performer with a deep understanding of flamenco music. His compositions are original and full of personality but still respectful to the traditions and building blocks of true flamenco music,” Spanish flamenco guitarist and producer Alberto Lopez.

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Music Jam with Allemande Joy

The Allemande Joy Contra tour starts in Nelson. They will be running 3 contra dances on the 7,8 and 10th. Join with them for a jam session where they are staying.

The musicians on the tour:

Arlene Jamar: Keyboard
Aubrey Swift: Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Upright Bass
Betsy Foote: Fiddle
Glenn Lee: Accordion
Mike Boerschig: Guitar
Rob Lindauer: Viola
Robin Fox: Fiddle
Tom Gebhardt: Percussion

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Fraser Mackenzie

An evening of music and poetry

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NBS Nelson Striders Weekly Night Run

The NBS Nelson Striders meet every Tuesday for their weekly night training run, walk or a bit of both. This session is approx 1hour and as well as being good training theres plenty of fun and camaraderie.
All levels welcomed, its turn up a bit before 5.45pm and introduce yourself (or send us a message/give us a call) and bring your wallet as we usually go for a social drink together afterwards.

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Better Breathers Class

Contact Sue at the Nelson Asthma Society 03 544 1562 or
email Or just turn up no need to book in.
$5 per class or $2 for Nelson Asthma Society members
 BBC is a 50 minute series of guided exercises specifically designed to help those with breathing difficulties
 A trained, experienced and friendly physiotherapist or an instructor leads a series of mainly upper body exercises designed to free-up muscles and improve circulation. A focus is on ‘thoracic mobility’ which involves the muscles surrounding your lungs, abdomen, back, shoulders and neck.
 These exercises can be seated or standing using a chair for support.
 Balance exercises are included to help reduce your risk of falling.
 Diaphragmatic breathing, also called Belly Breathing is taught to help learn the art of correct breathing.
 Coughing is encouraged, so please don’t feel embarrassed.
 Reducing tension or stress can help better breathing, so the relaxation component is aimed at gradually reduce stress and anxiety in all muscles of the body.
Why should I attend?
Keeping active can be daunting and even frightening for those with breathing challenges. The BBC class helps you learn and practice beneficial exercises so you gradually become more active. You will gain confidence to practice
exercises at home, you get to talk with others with similar challenges, and you get information from trained professionals.
Comments from participants:
 “I feel looked after at the sessions and the exercises are a comfortable pace for me”
 “I feel better after doing the exercises and I’ve made new friends”
 “I feel more flexible and enjoy the stretching exercises”
 “I have learnt about getting healthy and staying as fit as I can”
 “I feel encouraged to practice regularly”
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Nelson Asthma Society and the Better Breathers Club is
supported by Nelson Bays Primary Health

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Naked Girls Reading

After sold-out shows in Wellington and Christchurch, we are finally making our Nelson debut this February at Ghost Light Theatre. To mark the occasion, we'll be bringing you one of our most popular themes yet! It's sure to be a thoroughly enjoyable affair - an intellectual adventure in exhibitionism unlike any other. It's a sumptuous and scandalous event sure to educate and entertain all at once.
Come along to experience the ancient and beautiful art of storytelling. Hosted by the adorable Hugo Grrrl: Drag King. Cast to be announced! These unclad clever ladies have picked their favourite bits of iconic suggestive literature to recite for you. Expect excerpts of everything from The Happy Hooker to Lolita, Fifty Shades to Pablo Neruda and the Song of Solomon. We’ll be sauntering through the literary landscape of all things provocative in an evening. It’s a night not to be missed.

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My Baby

Roots driven hypnotic dance music

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Treasure Hunt Centre of NZ

Discover the parks and find treasure at the same time, this fun event uses basic orienteering skills as you will explore the park for treasure.

Join with a group or head off on your own and see if you can find all the parks hidden treasures.

Meet on the grass at the entrance to the walkwayof the Centre NZ

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Ceilidh with Allemande Joy Demo

The local Scottish Country Dance clubs are putting on a special Ceilidh during the Allemande Joy's contra dance tour. The tour is putting on free contra dances on the 7,8 and 10th. They will attend the Ceilidh and demo and teach an easy contra dance for all.

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Music & Dance

Baroque Community and Educational Trust of New Zealand presents an enchanting concert with music by Vivaldi, Correli and Teleman featuring Baroque period dance specialist, Mareike Greb, in full period costume. Music will be performed by Baroque specialists from both New Zealand and Europe on period instruments. The music ensemble will be led by Szabolcs Illes from Hungary.

Children under 14 free, max one child per paying adult.

This concert is supported by Nelson City Creative Communities NZ.

2018 Concert Tour

6th February Timaru
8th February Greymouth
9th February Nelson
10th February Christchurch
12th February Wanaka
14th February Invercargill
15th February Dunedin
16th February Oamaru

For more information go to

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Tasman Food Market

Come and enjoy the mouthwatering flavour of Asia and beyond at the Tasman Night Market. Set to become and annual event after Feb 2017's epic evening, this night is not to be missed. Wander the picturesque Washbourn Gardens as you choose from the wide array of street style vendors. Join with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere and aroma of Asia and beyond as you eat your delicious dinner. Background music and decorations too.

Bought to you by Nelson Multicultural Council

Funded by Tasman District Council.

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The Nelson Pun Battle Championships

Get ready to groan! Wits have been sharpened, wea-puns will be wielded, funny bones may well be broken. Will our competitors pun-ble under the pressure?!
After a sold-out and truly cringe-worthy shows in both Wellington and Christchurch, Pun Battle is hitting Nelson this February with worse word-play than ever before.
Come along on Saturday, February 10th at 8 pm to see Nelson’s smartest alecks, wordiest nerds and biggest pun-ks, punslingers and pun-dits battle it out in an intense and hilarious head-to-head pun-off. With over $400 cash prize money on the line, you could say that the stakes are pun-ishing.
Hosted and refereed over-enthusiastic gender-mess Hugo Grrrl.
Expect utter pundemonium as we decide once and for all if the pun is mightier than the sword. Because, as we all know, a good pun is its own re-word.
Enter Now! Why not give it a pun-t! There's $400 in prize money to be won. Are you a writer, improvisor, comedian, or are your friends just really sick of your incessant and unsolicited word-play? Come to a place where your genius will be appreciated. First in, first serve. Email to confirm your spot.

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Family Fun Day Isel Park

Come along to our family fun day, play some frisbee, soccer and fun outdoor games. Bring along a picnic and enjoy a morning at Nelson's beautiful Isel Park.

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Kids Summer Party

It's back!!! The annual kids party has shifted from Christmas to midsummer, but it's the same FREE fun event for the whole family with a sausage sizzle, bouncy castles, games, prizes, and more. Grab some friends and come out for a fun morning!

The party will run from 10am-noon at the Headingly Centre - 2 Headingly Lane.

The event be cancelled if wet.

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Esther Swift

Rising star of the Scottish folk scene Esther Swift is embarking on her debut New Zealand Tour.

Heavily influenced by her folk roots, her music also combines jazz, blues and minimalist references. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of folk and classical harp music

Esther has become a prolific songwriter, and a deep love of Scotland, specifically the Scottish Borders (where Esther grew up) and nature continually inspire and influence her music. Her newest EP ‘To’ is no exception. In this beautiful collection of tracks Esther draws deeply on her early musical influences whilst reflecting on the world around her. Her sparkling harp and soaring vocals giving the music an ethereal and haunting quality.

Esther, who guested on The Unthanks latest album ‘Mount the Air’, is also half of folk-duo Twelfth Day alongside Orkney fiddle player Catriona Price. Twelfth Day’s next album, due out in March 2017, is being produced by folk legend Chris Wood.

‘Esther flits about freely and bravely between forms, and wherever this takes her, I hang on her every note because she has a sensual musicality that is rare.’ Adrian McNally of The Unthanks

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Dan Walsh

Nominated for best musician at last year's BBC Folk Awards, Dan Walsh combines 'virtuoso playing and winning songwriting' (MORNING STAR). Describing what Dan does is no easy task but at the heart of it is British, Irish and American folk music delivered with a healthy dose of funky grooves - all performed with his unique and dazzling take on clawhammer style banjo helping to challenge all preconceptions about the instrument.

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Go By Bike Day in Motueka, Richmond and Takaka

Ditch those cars and buses and get on your bike and cycle to work or school. Go By Bike Day is back again where thousands of Kiwis use their bikes for transport.

Free breakfasts are available for cyclists on Go By Bike Day. Anyone out and about on their bike in the morning can stop by for a breakfast snack and spot prizes.

Go By Bike Day is held at:
• Takaka - The Quiet Revolution
• Motueka - Museum
• Richmond - Sundial Square

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UK Spoken Word Artist

An internationally touring poet, RikTheMost has performed shows in the UK, Australia, Canada, America and Finland. A well-known figure on the UK spoken word scene, he has featured at many venues and festivals such as The Royal Albert Hall, Poetry In London, Lost Lectures, The Secret Garden Party and Apples & Snakes events. He has won numerous slams, including in Melbourne where he qualified to represent Australia in their first ever national slam team at the American National Poetry Slam Finals in Denver this year.

Everyone welcome to attend or participate.

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Go By Bike Day Big Breakfast

Help us celebrate Go By Bike Day with a Big FREE Breakfast at 10903 Square. Bike along between 7.30am and 9.30am for live music, breakfast, coffee and giveaways.

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UK spoken word artist RikTheMost

Golden Bay Live Poets presents UK spoken word artist RikTheMost.

Internationally touring poet RikTheMost has performed shows in the UK, Australia, Canada, America and Finland. A well-known figure on the UK spoken word scene, he has won numerous Poetry Slams, including in Melbourne where he qualified to represent Australia in their first ever national slam team at the American National Poetry Slam Finals in Denver this year.

Live music will open for a half hour set of Open Mic poetry before our guest poet hits the stage.

Local harmonic percussive guitarist Benjamin Embers will open the evening at 8pm. You may have seen him performing harmonic percussive guitar at local markets, holding a captive audience. A musician, poet and novelist from the coldest corner of NZ, Benjamin is currently working on his second album and second novel.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Contact Rose at

Thanks to Creative Communities for their support.

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Nelson Bays Harmony Chorus OPEN NIGHT 7pm

Love to sing but not sure where to start?
Want to take your voice to the next level?
Ever thought of lessons to expand your skills?
We are learning one of Adele’s most popular songs at our OPEN NIGHT on the 15th Feb. We’d love you to join us! We might just be the group you are looking for...
Come and see what the barbershop buzz is about!
Thousands of Kiwis across the country enjoy barbershop singing. It’s no wonder – the beautiful melodies, ringing chords, sweet harmonies and dynamic rhythms make this music fun for all! Mix that with the support of a group of more than 35 like-minded women, we are sure you will become hooked!
Nelson Bays Harmony Chorus OPEN NIGHT - 7pm 15th Feb 2018, Club Waimea, Richmond.
For more info contact Jenny on 5474354 or visit or just turn up on the night.
Nelson Bays Harmony is a women's four part harmony barbershop/a cappella singing group that was formed in 1993 and is under the musical direction of Kathy Jamieson. We have over 35 members with ages ranging from teenagers through to 70's. We share a love of singing and have a lot of fun learning and improving our craft.

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Blind Boy Paxton

Blind Boy Paxton is the living embodiment of the true blues in the 21st Century, but plays it all in the true songster tradition – ragtime, hokum, old time, French reels, Appalachian mountain music, blues and lots more.

The multi-instrumentalist has earned a reputation for transporting audiences back to the 1920s and making them wish they could stay.

He sings and plays the banjo, guitar, piano, fiddle, harmonica, Cajun accordion, and the bones. He has the eerie ability to transform traditional jazz, blues, folk, and country into the here and now, and make it real.

Blind Boy Paxton has announced a six-date New Zealand tour across the country, taking in Totara Street in Tauranga on February 12, Christchurch’s The Piano on February 13, Theatre Royal in Nelson on February 15, Old St Paul’s in Wellington on February 16, before winding things up in Hawkes Bay at Blackbarn on February 17.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the extraordinary bluesman live in New Zealand this February.

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Flash Electrical Beach Fun Day

Bring the family along for some beach sprints, big dig,
tug of war, sand castle competition.
Free BBQ sausage (200)

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Alistair Brown

Alistair Brown has been singing the old songs, and new songs written by people who like the old songs, since he was fifteen years old. He began his career helping out in the folk clubs of his native Scotland during the folk revival of the 60s, selling tickets, & opening bottles & occasionally concerts, for many of the great names in folk music.

1972 to 2002, he lived in Canada, where he was active in many aspects of folk song & dance, as a recording artist, radio broadcaster, reviewer, dance teacher, university lecturer, & program director at folk music & dance camps. He continues to make regular appearances in North American folk clubs & festivals, performing solo, or with the Friends of Fiddler's Green, a band which celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011, without maturing in the slightest.

“The atmosphere was electric as the audience hung on his every word. This man is a born raconteur & in the intimacy of our house concert the effect of his song/story performance was doubly felt. ... Not only does Alistair have that unique ability to capture an audience but his strong clear voice combines so well with his expertise on the concertina as he sings his story ... There's something special about a house concert! M. NSW

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Swap Meet Vintage Car Club

The Nelson Vintage Car Club is holding its ‘Annual Swap Meet’ at the Nelson Speedway grounds Lower Queen Street on Saturday 17th February 2018. This event is growing rapidly with increased support from around New Zealand. Sales sites are available at $15 and food outlet sites are $25, these can be booked by contacting Merilyn Clarke; Ph. 03 548 3899, Mob. 027 454 8188, email,
Get your site organised; dig out the old car, bike and truck parts someone may be looking for them and happy to pay a good price. Other second hand goods and memorabilia are acceptable. Complete vehicles can be included for sale on the day at $10, you need to book a car sale site.
Free Public Car parking on the site is available and Public Entry to the sales area will cost $5.00 per person, under 15yrs free. A range of food and drink stalls will keep you going throughout the day.
Site entry will be via the Gate off Lansdowne Road. SEE YOU THERE.

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Mums with Bubs Garage Sale

Second hand & handmade clothes for babies and toddlers as well as lots of other little people paraphernalia. Held in Birch Hall at the Richmond Showgrounds. FREE ENTRY

Private Message the host page Richmond Park - events and activites on Facebook if you would like info on booking a sales table or email

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Shane Cammell

A solo guitarist with a repertoire ranging from rock to classic and jazz standards.

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Left or Right

Bass Heavy Dub, Sonic Roots & Psychedelic Fuzz

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Finale Concerts 2018 Adam Summer School

Experience chamber music, up-close and at its very finest...

Each year, the Adam Summer School returns to Nelson to thrill audiences, with two spectacular Finale Concerts showcasing New Zealand's top young string and piano musicians in performance.
"It seems amazing that the brevity of a single week could contain the depth of what feels like months of learning."

This year, for 30 students comprising 7 chamber ensembles, these two concerts are the culmination of a week's intensive tutoring under the internationally acclaimed New Zealand String Quartet and pianist, Stephen De Pledge. The opportunity to work in depth on works by composers, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Shostakovich, produces performances to enlighten, open minds and above all, surpass every expectation!

The Adam Summer School is seen as a career launching pad for the next generation of musicians. Around 320 students have attended the School in its 24 year existence, with many having furthered their studies overseas to pursue chamber music at an international level.

The 2018 Adam Summer School is generously sponsored by the Adam Foundation.

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Tai Chi for Seniors

Join us to have a go at tai chi, a wonderful, calm and restorative exercise, with expert tutors. Part of our summer activity series, supported by NCC.

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Esther Swift

Esther Swift has travelled the world extensively with her music making and embraces many different influences in her virtuosic harp playing, composing and song writing.

She writes songs about her homeland of Scotland, drawing on her folk roots and taking inspiration from nature and the people she meets along the way. An eclectic blend of jazz, folk, classical and everything in between Esther will share with you her stories and musical experiences from around the world.

“Esther flits about freely and bravely between forms, and wherever this takes her, I hang on her every note because she has a sensual musicality that is rare.” - Adrian Mcnally of The Unthanks

“Esther Swift is a monster musician.” - Chris Wood

Very thought through, interesting direction - very cool, modern folk music.” - Aidan O’Rourke (LAU

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Bye bye, Bullies!

Learn how to outsmart the bullies - in your worklife and in your private life!

Have you found yourself bullied by co-workers or by a friend or family member?

Do you feel low in self-esteem and confidence? Do you feel intimidated and manipulated?

Learn strategies and practical ways to stand up for yourself and become bully-proof!
Meet a bully's aggression with a firm "halt", so he stops walking all over you. Experience how different body language, a different tone of voice and powerful come-backs provide you with effective tools to get bullies off your back.

Reclaim your power and rebuild your self-confidence!

Angelika is passionate about communication and bringing out the best in people!

Investment in your personal development $25 - $39

book here:

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Guided walk along the Maitai for Seniors

Join us for a walk along the Maitai River in Nelson as part of the Summer Activity Series for Seniors supported by Nelson city council.

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Nelson Tasman Business Trust - Kick Start Your Business Workshop 2018

Are you thinking about going into business?

What will I learn?
- How to plan a successful business
- Ins and outs of setting up a business
- Lots of practical tips to get started

Who should attend?
- This would benefit those looking to understand more about what is involved in starting up a business, or have recently started in business.

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We can help with all your NZ travel needs

Nelson i-Site Team

Nelson i-Site Team

Meet the Nelson i-SITE team! A friendly group of experienced travel professionals with extensive knowledge of Nelson and NZ.

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Itinerary building

Itinerary building

What we can do for you! Let us help you build your Nelson or New Zealand travel itinerary. Here are some suggestions.

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i-SITE Advertising

i-SITE Advertising

The i-SITE is a one-stop agency that sells activities, accommodation, transport, event tickets and promotes local produce and experiences.

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