Star and Stone Tattoo @ Abel Tasman National Park

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Machine-free "hand-poked" tattoo studio in a traditional Shepard's Hut located at the base of the Abel Tasman National Park.

* Handmade Tattoo
* Totemic
* Talismanic
* Grateful

Welcome to Star And Stone Tattoo!

Come receive a machine-free, traditional hand poked tattoo in the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park. Gaze upon the sea and listen to the native birds from my Shepard's Wagon as you embark upon your right to mark your body with ink, permanently.
I offer a tattoo experience that is reverent and therapeutic. I create unique designs based on the story and intent of my client.
I draw inspiration from many sources but the most precious is from the client herself. We all
have a story that needs to be told, and more importantly, heard.
My work begins here. Listening. What follows is a magical journey; a rite of passage, an initiation; a ceremony steeped in the ink of the ancestors.
I am grateful and honoured to be a part of, what is so often, a deeply profound experience for all those present.
Star and Stone Tattoo is located at the Barn Backpackers and Campground in Marahau.
I also offer henna designs and art, tarot readings and tea ceremony.


Star and Stone Tattoo @ Abel Tasman National Park

14 Harvey Road
Barn Backpackers
7197 Marahau

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