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The Sprig & Fern produces real craft beers and ciders at our brewery in Nelson, New Zealand. Our award-winning beers are 100% natural, brewed with no artificial additives and unpasteurised to retain maximum craft beer flavour.

At Sprig & Fern, “craft beer” means more than a quirky name or a funky bottle. It’s about combining malt, hops, innovation and precision in a way that sets apart everything we brew. With us, there are simply no preservatives and no additives added. We don’t pasteurise our beer so we don’t affect the great flavours and when you taste one ... you’ll know why. Enjoy!

All our beer is brewed under the watchful eye of Master Brewer, Tracy Banner, who has amassed more than 30 years’ experience in the brewing industry in the UK and New Zealand. Tracy played a significant role in the birth and rise of craft beer in New Zealand, and is highly sought after as a judge and speaker. At the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards in 2014, Tracy was presented with an Honorary Membership medal in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the brewing industry.

The range of our beers and ciders can be purchased from any Sprig and Fern Tavern (www.sprigandfertaverns.co.nz), whilst a selection of our beers and ciders are available from retail outlets throughout New Zealand.


Sprig & Fern Brewery

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