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Every place on earth has been transformed by its human stories. On People and Place Tours you will hear stories from a remote region of the planet - one which joined the human drama only very recently.

People and Place narratives are based on the idea that the land has formed the people and, in turn, the people have formed the land. This simple idea underpins the tour itinerary, with the route chosen so that visitors can enjoy the sights of the Nelson / Tasman region while hearing stories of people who have called this part of the world home: physicists and philanthropists, seers and rogues, capitalists and workers, soldiers and farmers, European and Maori.

You’ll travel in a comfortable van in a small group (max. 4 people). The trip lasts about 4 hours which includes a half hour stop for a coffee and / or a wander around the craft shops of the seaside village of Mapua.


People and Place Tours

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