Port Nelson

Sheltered in the beautiful Tasman Bay at the top of the South Island, Port Nelson has served as the region’s gateway to the world for more than 175 years. 

It remains a strategic port of call for major international and domestic carriers because it is highly connected to the fruit export, forestry, and wine sectors.

With 80% of New Zealand’s wine being grown in and exported from the top of the South Island, Port Nelson has become the primary port of export for the New Zealand wine-making industry. A close commercial relationship has also been formed between the port and key New Zealand fishing companies such as Sealord and Talleys, contributing to Port Nelson’s position as the largest seafood port in the Southern Hemisphere.

Forestry is the source of the largest export commodity for Port Nelson. Nelson Tasman is home to New Zealand’s largest MDF and LVL producer and exporter and a raft of other forestry processing businesses that use the port’s services. Nelson Tasman is also the second-largest pip fruit exporting region in New Zealand.

The last three years have seen major change to the port’s infrastructure. An unprecedented growth phase has driven proactive investment to support projected increases in the region’s export cargo.

The shipping and port industry landscape is always changing. Port Nelson has had to ensure it is ahead of the trends and is investing in long-term, strategic partnerships with its customers utilising innovation and technology.

Key initiatives such as the creation and implementation of Port Nelson’s 3PL warehousing and distribution business, QuayConnect, are tangible examples of the port’s continued investment in ensuring domestic and international connectivity is sustained for all of their customers, both now and in the future.

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