FAQ's About Nelson Events Funding

Before you place your application for assistance from the Nelson City Events Fund, it is important to understand whether you are eligible for this assistance, and what information you will need to support your application. The below information addresses some of the frequently asked questions about the Nelson City Event Fund.

What’s the difference between an economic and a community event?

The Nelson City Council resources an Events Fund with two components, one for community events, to support events that foster community wellbeing and social outcomes, and one for economic events, to support Nelson's economy. The application form clarifies where the majority of benefits fall, but the assessment process will take all benefits into account.  

What criteria does my event need to fulfil to be eligible for event funding from the Nelson City Events Fund?

Strategic alignment:

Events should align with the Regional Identity Framework and, where aiming to deliver economic value, should have relevance for our identified target markets (see Appendix 1 in the Nelson City Events Strategy). Events should also align with relevant Nelson City Council policies such as those relating to Waste Minimisation and Sugar Sweetened Beverages.

Delivery against strategy objectives:

Delivery of the strategy’s objectives needs to be clearly demonstrated in economic and/or community well-being terms.


To be eligible for Economic Event Funding the event will need to increase the number of visitors attracted to Nelson during the ‘off season' periods (1 March – 30 November). The aim of this is to stimulate repeat visitation over the shoulder seasons and to create awareness to support companies in the attraction of key talent to the region.

Community events can receive Community Event Funding during any period but preference will be given to those that add vitality and interest to the city during the 'off season'.

Capacity to deliver outcomes:

An application to the Nelson City Events Fund will need to demonstrate evidence of relevant skills, capability to deliver, including financial viability and detail of other sources of secured funding. Applications will also need to include a multi-year strategy set against key performance indicators for each stage of the event development, demonstrate a pathway to sustainability, and an exit point at which events funding support may no longer be required. Economic events will be expected to provide a return on investment of 10:1.

Context for support:

There is a limited pool of public funding to support events and the Events Development Committee must be mindful of the impact of funding decisions on other potentially significant event applications and the need to retain sufficient flexibility to respond to emerging events. Therefore, it may not always be possible to support event applications even if they are a good fit with the criteria.

Are there any other requirements?

The applicant must be a Legal Entity, e.g. an Incorporated Society; Trust or Association; or a Business recognised under the Companies Act 1993. Proof of this through a certificate or other documentation must be supplied. For applications that receive support through other means, evidence of the support will need to be supplied. An Environmental Management Plan which considers the event’s environmental impact and plans to reduce this will need to be submitted with the application.

What other support can I get from the Nelson Regional Development Agency for my event?

The Nelson Regional Development Agency can help you to market the event, including listing the event on the It’sOn website, It'sOn Facebook page and the Nelson Tasman Facebook page. Where relevant, there may be opportunities for us to use copy, images and video content of your event in our visitor marketing activity, as well as provide these materials to media as appropriate (e.g. Our Nelson publication).

The i-SITE visitor information centre also offers a range of advertising and promotional opportunities including poster, video and installation display space. If required, they can also assist organisers with group accommodation and activity bookings.

Much of this support is free of charge, however some of these services may incur a cost. Please contact Rebecca Leach, Events Liaison at rebecca.leach@nelsontasman.nz or Renee Bennett-Shields, i-SITE Manager at renee.bennett-shields@nelsontasman.nz to enquire. 

What data do I need to collect?

Event organisers will need to provide an estimate of the number of attendees they expect to attend their event. For Economic Events an estimated breakdown of the numbers of locals and visitors to the region and the number of nights the visitors will stay will also be required. Results MUST be measured and reported back. Economic Impact Assessment tools will then be used to determine the overall economic impact of the event and will have an impact on any future funding.

Are there any events that are not eligible for sponsorship funding?

Yes, these include; conferences, symposiums, conventions, seminars, workshops, reunions and political events.

Where does my event need to be held to be eligible for funding?

Events held within the Nelson City Council boundaries are eligible to apply for funding from the Nelson City Events Fund.

Events in the Tasman District are not eligible for funding from the Nelson City Events Fund, however the Nelson Regional Development Agency may still be able to assist with promotion of the event.

What events have received funding recently?

A list of funding recipients from the 2018/19 financial year (1 July 2018-30 June 2019) can be found here.

Where do the funds come from?

Funding is allocated by the Nelson City Council (NCC) through its Annual and Long Term Plan processes.

When am I able to apply for funding?

Applications can be submitted at any time of the year. Applications are considered monthly (excluding December) and closing dates are the first day of each month. Early advice of potential events and discussion with the Nelson Regional Development Agency is recommended, given the limited funding pool.

Where do I find the application forms?

To download the funding application form please see the 'Apply For Funding' link below.

I still have some questions, who can I speak to about my application?

If you feel your event meets the above criteria and would like to discuss the application process in more detail, please contact the Nelson Regional Development Agency’s Events Liaison, Rebecca Leach on (DD) 03 923 2055 or by email: rebecca.leach@nelsontasman.nz.