So, what’s our story? Every place likes to think it’s a bit special and we’re no exception.

In our case the people who live here came up with so much they love about the place that we ended up with five key things we wanted to say about ourselves. Nelson Tasman is about clever business and stunning landscapes. We’re highly connected and surprisingly diverse and we’re blessed with arts and artisans.

What does that mean for you? What it all adds up to is an expression of the kind of life you can live here in Nelson Tasman. It’s the sum of all the parts, if you like. When we think about the natural world around us we have to use words like “stunning” and “extraordinary” because that’s what people say when we’re driving them from the airport to town or when we take them for a walk in our national parks, beside our rivers or lakes or along our local beaches. We sometimes forget how easy it is to live and visit here compared to other places.

We’re connected – it doesn’t ever take very long to get from A to B and it’s easy to get from here to other places when we need to (even without leaving our chair if you’re talking about using tech to work remotely). Our benign climate means that it’s easy to enjoy the outdoors and our stunning natural landscapes at any time of the year. Cycling on the Great Taste Trail or even just on your daily commute is really great in winter, for example, and some of our crisp, sunny autumn and winter days are ideal for helicopter flights and skydiving. As anyone who’s walked around the local markets will tell you there are an extraordinary number of talented artists and artisans here. There’s almost something in the water it seems that encourages people to express their artistry, take the plunge and create the artisan products they’ve always dreamt of. The amazing thing that happens when that kind of energy is unleashed and harnessed is it evolves into the clever businesses for which Nelson Tasman is well known. Grit and clever thinking are a powerful combination and if you have those qualities to contribute you’ll find yourself right at home here. Nelson Tasman has always been highly sought after and perhaps you are one of the seekers too. Or perhaps you’ve already found what you’re looking for right here.

Like many places in Aotearoa/New Zealand our story starts with the meeting of those who were here and those who were arriving – just as you are now arriving. This place was desired by iwi for its natural resources. European arrivals spotted its potential too, and, over time they were followed by the artisans, creative people, and entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of Nelson Tasman today. It’s a unique environment here where you can experience life beyond the ordinary. This is a place to live, with a palpable energy set amongst stunning landscapes, beaches, lakes and mountains.We think of it as a place where all the best bits of New Zealand are distilled into a single place. You’ve probably already heard of the Abel Tasman but that’s just one of three nearby national parks. In the winter, you’ll notice how much more sunshine hours there are here than in other places. It’s amazing just how much that one aspect of life here has such a positive impact. It means bike rides and tramping, yoga and exercising outdoors are all part of our winters as well as our summers. We’re keen to know what you think and to see Nelson Tasman through your eyes. If you have something to share please connect with us on social media using the hashtag #nelsontasman.