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Our Activity Focus

Investment and Talent Attraction and Retention:

Development and strengthening of the region’s case for investment and talent attraction and retention.

Regional Identity Framework 

More information coming soon.

Regional Economic Development Strategy 

The aim of this strategy is to get an aligned understanding and clarity of the focus between iwi, the Councils, Government, and the private sector. This understanding is centred around the sustainable economic development priorities that will make a difference for the whole of Te Tah Ihu (the Top of the South region) in the future and a clearly defined, sustainable economic growth action plan with a collective commitment to implementation.

China Market Development Programme

The China Market Development Programme has the primary aim of increasing the capability and capacity of Nelson Tasman businesses to generate added value from the expansion of their activities related to the China market. More information coming soon.

Business Development & Innovation:

Inspiring and supporting existing and new businesses and business people to think differently, embrace new behaviour, and grow.

Regional Business Partner Programme

The Regional Business Partner Programme is a key component of the Nelson Tasman business development and innovation ecosystem with the primary aim of building the capability and capacity of the region’s business community to assist them to start-up, grow and innovate through a central Government partnership around the delivery of support programmes in the areas of business development services, R&D, and mentoring.

Coordination of the Nelson Tasman Innovation Ecosystem Strategy

The Regional Business Support and Innovation Ecosystem Programme has the primary aim of raising the awareness of and facilitating a more coordinated and integrated approach to the delivery of the services contained within the ecosystem. We are currently working with a number of stakeholders on the development of this strategy. More information coming soon.

Destination Management

Inspiring the sharing and delivery of the Extraordinary Nelson Tasman Identity story and experience across the spectrum of investment, visitors and talent.

International Marketing Programme

The International Marketing Programme has the primary aim of stimulating the value of international visitation to the Nelson Tasman region over the shoulder seasons and is very closely aligned with Tourism NZ, Nelson Airport, Port Nelson, and our other key partners. The international trade and media programmes are focused on the in-market influencers of international travel as opposed to an end-user consumer approach.

Business Events Sales & Marketing Programme

The Business Events sales and marketing programme has the primary aim of growing the awareness of the Nelson Tasman region’s business events value proposition and securing events for the region. 

Domestic Consumer Marketing Programme

The Domestic Consumer marketing programme is targeted at the higher-impact end of the market and has the primary aim of stimulating repeat visitation over the shoulder seasons and creating an awareness to support companies in the attraction of key talent to the destination. 

Major Events Programme

The Major Events Programme is driven by the NCC Events Strategy which has the vision of bringing events to the region “that strengthen the region and its identity, stimulate a prosperous, vibrant, and engaged community and deliver value at the right time”.